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Thoughts of an Ivy Cutter, II

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So today, is a good day. Snow is falling, my mug of tea is full and the festive spirit is sweeping over Runescape.. Or not! they should make it snow in Varrock or something, who else is up for a snowball fight in PvP? :P


But anyways :) as you probably can tell, I'm still woodcutting, still filling Tip.it's recent blog updates with my junk and rambles :D But today I have a question, to anyone who actually reads these 'thoughts'.. The other kind of person I've met Wc'ing has been flamers/trolls and I have begun to wonder, is it just me who attracts a good trollin' ? How often do you get trolled or flamed for having a n0oB this, or training a skill a particular way..


Moreover if you are one of these people justify your actions! :P Is it all light hearted and I'm just thin skinned? Or is it a duty of people who are experienced to dish out a bit of tough love to naive players such as myself?! :cry:


Extra bit - Doing a skill which is largely AFK I spend a whole lot of time on YT, and I don't know what the rules are on tip.it but MondoMedia have started a new series called 'Stick' Figures and I recommend it to all! In fact does anyone have any good rs commentators? All the ones I'm subbed too have stopped making vids tbh, lets do swap for swap on good YT channels! :thumbsup:

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Been cutting Ivy for the past few weeks, I either see low levels, or 130+.



About the trolling, It's for people who don't AFK Ivy. You get bored staring at a pixelated man/woman cutting Ivy for 40 hours.

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