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  1. Oh its back, and with a vengeance no Runescapean could have anticipated! Yet this time I am not cutting Ivy, in fact I sold my hatchet to bolster my funds for a Fury. What a sad sad day </3 :shock: Anyways, what have I been doing? Well being a total quest noob I battled recently through RFD and Desert Treasure.. my thoughts? HOW ANNOYING ARE THOSE TRAPS WHICH KICK YOU OUT OF THE FINAL [email protected]"£!? Armed now with Barrows gloves and an ice burst I am looking towards a few goals - 1. Raising summoning to around 70 since that's where a lot of the useful familiars reside, 2. Raising my stats universally so I can complete all of the diaries at the Hard difficulty, 3. Getting my Cb above 100 both to become a big boy (questionable) finally and also to gain access to the "men's" lander in pest control - full void is calling out to me! Anyhow that will do for this entry, what are everyone's current goals? I'm sure they will be far more impressive than mine! :lol: Oh and on a final note, any tips on how to improve my meagre stats efficiently are more than welcome! Cheers 8-) -Fi
  2. Just finished 'Life of Pi' and was pretty much blown away, a question below if anyone on this thread has read it and to avoid a spoiler if you intend to read it (highly recommended) Starting up on 'My Favourite Wife' by T.Parsons now :D Have a nice day!
  3. Been on hiatus from RS for a few months, but I remember a few months back seeing a post that the TIF FC had moved person, anyone know where it's at now? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Does no one else see the humour in being OCD about the use of the word OCD in it's correct context and not in slang as the OP used it?.. No? just me? ah well :D
  5. @Jrhairychest I'm just going to opt out of this argument now, since we're not going to achieve, you choose not to accept the idea that video-games do not have any over-bearing correlation with real life. And by that I mean any effect on the audience which is greater than all other forms of media. And for me, I can't understand where the core of your objection lays, if there is one at all, so I agree to disagree that casinos would end the world of rs. :)
  6. No offence meant to you but essentially you misunderstood the point entirely and moreover dodged my questions towards you, nevertheless I'll leave you to reside in your opinion, it's ridiculous to believe that gambling in Runescape will create a wave of poker addicts IRL, give me one case study which gives any kind of verification to that idea? Finally I was not ranting at the establishment, rather pointing out that your case against video-games in general is a tired and unoriginal scope. :rolleyes:
  7. @jrhairychest stop being over-pedantic you're adopting the typical ignorant lawyer maxim of 'video-games have a direct impact on behaviour of adolescents in life.' well firstly it appears to be a view which opts-out of criticism since any of us that challenge you are simply naive or reckless, subsequently polluting the youth with our wretched video-games. Yet fundamentally do you not play Runescape? Which involves the killing of other players, is that immoral? So does that make you ignorant also? Then considering the prospective casino surely if they learn from the game, when they are cleaned out, by scammers and bad luck.. Do they not learn the valuable lesson not to gamble all of ones money away?.. Oh wait they already learned boxing at the Duel Arena..
  8. I like this :) sometimes it takes the most smarts to accurately explain something simple! :D And I would include an advanced part? Considering the AFK nature of Ivy one can 'power level' Zarfot has some stuff you can do while not sacrificing GP on his YT page such as High Alching and I think fletching bolts, look it up if you like :) only recommendation. Nice guide! :thumbsup:
  9. That would be awesome! I'm a great admirer of Grimy's Spreadsheets :) Thankyou!
  10. From what I can see this is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you very much :D I will enjoy my lurking ;)
  11. I hope that following this there is some kind of quest which allows one to possess a 'Ashes Urn/Sack/Whatever' and then we can stack our ashes on a slayer task to say 50, nerf the xp of it slightly in this case and then BAM got ourselves a nice Ecto way to train again! :D and I am also for non-tradeable, more a way for Slayers/xp trainers to cash in on a bit of cheap and decent XP! (Y)
  12. Hey there, I would be really appreciative if some of you TIFers could post some of Runescape's CCs which are good for asking questions, or discussing or just hanging about in, since I have no idea where to begin! :) All suggestions are more than welcome whether its a skiller CC or slayer one you know :-D
  13. As you mentioned with the use now of Korasi and other non-tradeable weapons, we have knowledge from Jagex that these will be transformed into cash upon death for the victorious PKer, so we could be seeing anywhere up to a 1m drop in cash I predict alongside pots, armour, D boots etc. :)
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