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Thoughts of an Ivy Cutter, IV

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Well today rather than ramble about the impending Wilderness some more, or speculate what is behind the Frozen Door, I decided to rewind my blog, (dare I say the best and most popular blog ever on Tip.It :shades: )


I have never really been all that strong a force in the general discussion threads and in my opinion the welcome to Tip.It sticky is a bit brief.. So, here is my very own hand made fun-bits and facts about A_Fiasco :lol:


> Irl name: Jake

> Been playing RS since: Autumn 2004, on Dial Up!

> Reason I started playing: A friend used to tell me all his crazy stories from this game :wink:

> First scam I fell for: The 'give me your armour' trust scam

> First death: To a greater demon in the Wilderness.. Sigh :oops:

> Did I once believe in RS girlfriends/boyfriends: Yes. :wall:

> Favourite Skill to train: Firemaking/WC in F2P at Draynor Village, fun times :P

> Reason I chose my Username: General Fiasco = Awesome Band! ;)

> First Pk experience?: Unsuccessful.. Bound, Teleblock'd then dropped..

> Favourite memory of myself being a Noob:

Scammer - 'Trimming all armour for free'

Me - *With Iron Armour* 'Ooo Please Trim mine! I'll pay'

Scammer - 'Only do black and above..'

> Quest I found hardest so far: Monkey Madness and that dumb slider puzzle... Gah! #-o

> Most prized Runescape item: My Bob the Cat T shirt (red) \:D/

> Scariest Moment in RS for me so far: When I first got my D Long I went to fight the Giant Mole, he blew my candle out and as it went dark I nearly screamed I was so worried I'd die :blink:

> Runescape pet-hate: People who flame others over their Skill capes, c'mon even 99 Fletch still takes planning, time and a grind! :roll:

> First RS Youtuber I loved: Dudefish15.. where'd he go :(

> Ways I like to AFK: Read/do homework while listening to the sounds only, and learning a Tab in one half of the screen while I check RS occasionally too :)

> One piece of Runescape advice: Ignore those who hate on you, it's not worth the fight.. You can't beat a troll very easily!

> Current Runescape Goal: 99 Woodcutting :) (Lvl 95..)

> Runescape big goal? To be look cool and kick butt! :thumbsup:


So there we go, that is my little trivia sheet for me. Feel free to post your answers to the questions, add in any of your own good ideas for questions! And leave out any of mine you don't think are a good idea :)


Look forward to seeing your replies! :)


- Fi

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Wow, impressive first death I must say. Mine was against a black knight during the first 2 hours of gameplay...I started a new account afterwardsrolleyes.gif

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Haha thanks :D I love reminiscing about when we were all noobs, it's where everyone finds common ground :)

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Everybody please vote yes on bringing back the old wildy and unlimited trade back to runescape please vote now! You have the power!

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I remember my first pk experience when I was a noob on my 1st main... I was using a rune chain set(even the full helm) and I got pj'ed by I think 2 farcasters an I got dropped so quick bc I was in multi near greens. Lol always good memories :)

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