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Beautiful Beaches and Fish Out of Water.




Daily Briefing


So, after a hard day of leveling and several hard days of green dragon killing I decided that today would be a relaxing day. I headed off for the Catherby beaches, thoughts of lying in the hot sun tanning my irregular polyhedral body. But when I arrived I knew that no such thing would happen. I immediately caught the skilling buzz, and finally rediscovered the rhythm of fishing I had thought lost ever since I trained in the same place for heroes quest (judging by my quest cape...I'd say that was quite some time ago).


I caught a healthy amount of swordies, and a good batch of tunas and that rare but satisfying fish the level 65 .immediately after I got this little catch I ran to the bank and started frying up some good old swordfish. I soon had 67 cooking and with that I was back to the beaches for more intense fishing madness.


After a good period of time i got the level up I'd been waiting for. Soon after I was sitting on a large pile of cooked swordies when i realized i had none left and still 9600 xp to go till 68 cooking...So i fried up 97 tunas. That was an interesting experience...I hadn't cooked tunas since before I had 65 cooking so it was my first experience of the no burn effect.


What I Unlocked Today


-I can fish Karambwan


-I can wear Swordfish gloves


-I can cook tuna potatoes


-I will never burn another lobster whilst wearing cooking gauntlets


Today's Pics


You may notice the quest cape guy wandering around my level ups, don't worry, it's just me...(I made them to pass the time during inventories)




A Quick Bit on Catherby :thumbup:


Ok, I feel honor bound to explain myself to my readership (btw...~130 views since first post...wow). I know as well as most of you that Catherby tuna+swordy harpooning isn't exactly the speediest method of garnering xp. And yet, I cannot bring myself to fish anywhere else...shilo, piscatoris, and Otto's grotto have all tasted my bait for hours but I always walk off in disgust, rarely with a level to show. :oops:


Catherby is special. Unlike those other places it isn't just a haven for those who want fast xp faster. It's a place that people regularly travel, it's a nice beach, it's fishing opportunities range from lvls 1-76 (96 if you count barbarian style shark-fishing). The people who come there are happy to have a nice conversation and it's an engaging community. There are often people just hanging around on the beach doing random stuff. It's also a significantly cheerier looking place than most. \:D/


And theres that fuzzy feeling i get inside when I give a noob a little help.





Ok, another explanatory segment. You've caught me at an odd time...I'm in a very DIY mood right now (its so satisfying). But that is not the usual me... I often buy levels.



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