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  1. I noticed you said u like metal bands :P :P have you heard any Ill Nino? If you havent may i recomend u listen to this :) EDIT: listen to this one first :P might ease ya into it :wink: best metal band live period :wink: .
  2. WBM. Please go kiss [wagon] somewhere else :roll: Not kissing [wagon], i'm talking sense mate :wink: . You don't this game anymore, don't play it. Simple as. Leave the people who actually do like it to play it without hearing your whining. clearly you didnt read my signature :wink: i quit almost a month ago and dropped 120m+ in whips \ something youll never get to do coz of this [cabbage]ty update :P as for those who actually "do like it" look up fool they are all saying its killed the game as well :roll: pow pow there goes that arguement WBM :D
  3. WBM. Please go kiss [wagon] somewhere else :roll:
  4. its Fight Pits... only more [cabbage] and with noone actually going to play it :wink: grats [bleep]ex on making another complete waste of time and effort. i mean come on, if i wanted to get the [cabbage] bashed outta me for my items ill go to Kq or KBD with my best items noted in invy and die that way :roll: just play wow, better graphics, better game play and they dont [bleep] the game over every update :thumbsup:
  5. its funny really.. on private and fake servers they can stop the macroers. dont say they cant they can ive seen it :-$ so a 18 year old computer nerd can kill a macro program but a multi million dollar company cant? Gf jagex i guess rofl. as for 3k... freaking seriously 3k? pocket change my [wagon].. thats "damn need a invy slot... hmm trout or 50k? ill drop the cash" stuff. know a better way [bleep]ex? all u had to do was monitor deaths in the same way you supposedly monitor trades. If theres multiple uneven trades which appear to be a seller Ip ban them. how hard is that? was absolutely no need to destroy wildy, monster killing, trading. dueling and drop partys all in a 2 week period. So glad i quit and dropped all my [cabbage] when i did not now. R.I.P Rs Wow [cabbage]s all over you anyway :wink:
  6. 27-28-167-54688236 Funniest. Rant. Ever. LOL
  7. no, in case u didnt realise a new combat level wasnt mentioned at all in the update. also they are doing this on a bts from 2004, pretty sure theyd mention a new cbt in that. i doubt very much they make a new high combat, just seems like itll be so weird to even bother :-k
  8. if im reading right, seems max you can stake is 1m loll and thats in a 64 man tourny( says you can win upto 64m in update). going on this ill have 90m saying they fix it in a day or 2 LOL :P
  9. And we wish you go and burn in a flaming pit full of lighter fluid. Seriously, do you get kicks from coming on peoples threads and ripping them apart? I don't understand it, even if it is a fake you don't need to criticise those than don't think it is. I think someone took a turn for the worse when their Aviansie guide sudenly wasn't the best anymore... :roll: +1 rofl, as for take back my comments, no i wont take them back. i stated my opinion dont like it find a new thread.
  10. staking caps now 3k LOL. its official jagex has killed 1v1 staking. Grats jagex youve effectively killed the best way to make lots of money fast:P Discuss :-$
  11. L at people who care its a half a millimeter wider apart. in case you havent picked up on it yet rs has had a lot of updates that havent been widely seen. maybe they changed the width difference between higher hits? :roll: who the hell cares if he faked it its a frigging picture im sure youll live. seriously why have 4 pages saying "boohooo he faked a RS picture"? we get the point losers u can stop [bleep]ing now. /thread :roll:
  12. the 7 and the 6 are too close together? have u even seen a 70+ hit..? its real and from what ive seen with tas and d boots max was a 78. as for promote his site, all hed have to do is post on any gen disc. thread tbh. grow some balls kids its real just coz u ant hit a 76 with dharok... :-$
  13. maybe we finally get through the (probably not so) infamous "mith door" :) that would be pretty cool (imagine dragon dragons :XD: :XD: )
  14. well i got my void :P first spec was a 42 42 LoL.. i personally prefer void now.. looks awsome with fire cape.. i think it really depends on the situation, for PvP youd def go with the void then karils, but for monster killing probly d-hide :P.
  15. ha ha yea good point :P 150 more points till full void>.< this kills ya loll i personally use a mage shortbow so id use d hide with that but if id use a dark bow id probly go for void for faster kills :thumbsup:
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