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  1. Saw this earlier today, just wondering whats going on and if anyone has seen it. The number also changes frequently, as you can see in the second pic a few minutes later the number changes. Thought it was pretty odd.
  2. Been working on this guy since Wildy came back. Trained at lessers from 65-90 and now other then keep training range what should I do next? A better look at my stats: Str,Def,Att,Mage > all 1 Pray > 3 (accident) Would getting 44 pray for eagle eye be a good idea? I'd be at 69 CB though. Or maybe just hawk eye? which would give me 99+ range at 66 CB. Wanna stay away from melee til my Hp gets higher and i'll prob just get 25 mage. Hardly ever have need to telly.
  3. Quick question, Does teleblock block the Cabbage port?
  4. 200k for zammy skirt. Add notarangpure in-game for this awsome deal.
  5. I'll will be adding another similar method soon. I'm making another guide now. You peeps can join my cc for help or to find worlds. Cc = Hotchick4530
  6. Nice! I saw him a few times to but gave up and hopped. Okay, I've been doing this for the last 3 hours and i gotta wake up for school soon. I hope there will be lots of kills screen shots when i get back.
  7. Glad to see everyone is having fun with this. Das add me, I've pretty much perfected this now. :o
  8. Current target is a lvl 37 in full zammy + b axe. she doesn't have the plate on. i'll post when she dies. And to the poster above, just close the gate before they go back through. The bots are slow enough, and he'll just run back over. EDIT: TEHEHEHE Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us WIZARD ROBE T KILL :o waiting on grave now! EDIT: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Stupid bots, i bet hes gonna be pissed when he logs back on.
  10. There are other way but they are difficult and need some luck. Another way is to make a line of yew logs (costly, :|) from the yews in Rimmington to the Hobs. Bots will pick up logs you dropped and will walk right into the hobs and die instantly. If it works, you use the yews off the bot you killed and do it again. :P
  11. After training my pure at crafting guild I started to get sick of seeing those bots killing cows for 8 hours straight. I will teach you how to kill these bots very easily. This works the best with melee bots, but it can work with range and mage with the potential for gaining thousands of runes and arrows. First you need to get a cow outside the pen and close the door behind it, so the cow won't wonder back into the pen. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Second, wait til the bots inside the pen kill most if not all the cows then open the gate. This will make them search for the nearest cow which is outside the pen, as soon as they attack the cow and are outside of the pen close the gate. They are now stuck outside of the pen, after this they will still try to attack the cows. Since the gate is closed they will run around the crafting guild and end up near the end of the peninsula. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Nows the easy part. If a hob doesn't agro on them attack a hob and direct it towards your target. They will eat and eat and eventually die. Just make sure you keep the hobs on them. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Wait 5 mins for grave to deteriorate and PROFIT. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Thank you for reading, any feed back or questions is welcomed.
  12. Uploaded with ImageShack.us So far bot activity has exploded. I'm guess this is an attempt to start making money now to trade after the update. Pretty sad tbh.
  13. I just got 30 attack, but its still not hitting like I want to. I guess the next step is to get 40 attack for rune 2h, then just level my strength as high as I can. Probably somewhere around 70 str and 40 attack. Then cursed/alch my way to 59 mage. So new goal is 40 attack, 70ish str, and 59 magic.
  14. I need some help. I have an account with a lot of money on it and I want it all to go into making a good pure. I got 47 mage on it and pretty much Cursed it 3/4 of it. Current stats are: Cb level: 31 Attack: 22, going for 30? Strength: 40 Defence: 1 Hitpoints: 34 Magic: 47 My goal is to get to 59 mage so I can fire blast at some point, and be able to KO with a rune 2h. Preferably when nubs take off their armor to reflect magic. ANY advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. I've seen alot in my days, Fecesgalore Elvishly Massive [wagon] JustJammin (bob marley reference) Miner I Or trade me <3 Uhm, that's all I can think of. EDIT: I actually managed to get a few when Funorb came out. Tetralinkk and FunHerb. I've got a few pures to, Oh rly and Cabbagepker. :o
  16. I guess the event wasn't to bad. But the rewards were horrible. We get this brown carrot and wtf is up with the emote? I didn't even understand it.
  17. Hi, I'm astro_dude. Welcome. I am a big fan of the magnificant creatures, Unicorns. When I log onto Runescape the first thing that comes to my mind is that I have to go see the unicorns. A great spot for unicorn spotting is by Barbarian Village. In my whole life I have adored unicorns, I collect stuffed animals, i have bought movies about them, i have researched on the internet. The Rant. Please update the Unicorns, they look like white squares walking around. Also, I feel that the unicorns ability in this game is so little, where is the magic? I want to see sparks when they walk! I want to see them create a rainbow! I know that their horns can heal poison, but why can't they fly? Why cant my unicorn familiar spread sparks and rainbows? The only reason i got my summoning up was because of unicorns, alas it was very dissapointing. Here are some facts about the unicorns. -They can run in the forest without making any sound. -They can heal any injuries,they can not bring dead beings to life. -They can create rainbows by stomping their hoves. -They can fly. -They eat magical flowers called *Cocoa flowers* -They are immune to all sorts of ilness. -Unicorns do not breed very often, during its life time it may only breed once. -They do still exist today, alas they are being hunted for their horns. Please, help me make Runescape a better place for the unicorns, please do pick up any knifes, logs, boots, and other things that are harmful for these beatiful creatures. If you do not support, please state your reason why. If you do support, you are a great human being. P.s I have 61 mining
  18. Bahaha!! This was exactly the point, Me and a bunch of other people (Posted on /b/) started posting RIP Miley on every video on Youtube. Didn't think it'd get this big lol. I've been getting replies all morning from 11 year-olds asking "omfg!11 did she rly diye???//" Oh lawdy.
  19. Yeah, Someone just posted the link to this topic on there post..
  20. Gf Tip.it :x /b/ doesn't seem to like you guis :o
  21. I didn't see it in the first post and I might be wrong. But wasn't Rune originally purple? I don't exactly remember but I'll pretty sure it wasn't always blue.
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