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  1. So you think sudden free trade will not effect the economy at all? or the sudden increase in people pvping wouldnt effect the market for food and pots? im on neither side fully on the one hand i want them back but on the other i can see how the game has evolved since the update and fear the side effects of it being introduced suddenly i would rather a phased aproach On a side note ive only been back in rs fully for about a month and have been comming back every 6 months since 07 checking up for a few days then growing bored but this time ive ended up back for nearly a whole month, that said im not very happy with this "vote" its a farce no matter how you look at it there should be a need to log and a second option other wise its not an acurate representation at all.
  2. to be fair LP is more rock/hiphop hyrbid (hence why before they were linken park they were called hyrbid theory)
  3. heh dont do a me i log in once every 60 days or so and just wander these fourms searching for anything intresting to me but tbh since i started playing eve and warhammer online rs just seems a bit silly XD but alas i still pay the £4 a month just in case i ever find my self back :P
  4. you know that youve had to much to drink when it works!! :thumbsup:
  5. throw it at a wall if i splats its x-0.5^(59*10^8) other wise its not real what would x need to be in the above equation to make it = 197
  6. the square root of 1764 when will this thread end
  7. france when fashion was born what are the main effects of herione in a rodent
  8. a fire burned ina big hole and they all ran into it
  9. Lolwut? Sue has no marbles. Why is there me? to make lulz (i loled irl at your answer) if resitance is futile why do borge machines use resistors in their implants and etc
  10. *drought incase yoiu are wondering*
  11. red fish why do exam questions always have random extra info
  12. the reverse is on holiday with the revers of this one [gone on holiday] why do bird suddenly apeare when you are near :ugeek:
  13. i r troll gimme PC *edit* gah it posted the post early w/o my question was "why do i hate post count on fourms"
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