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  1. Darkness of Halovale - second that if you get lost in the houses lol. But to be fair have liked all quests so far minus recipe for disaster evil dave part, my cat wouldn't catch the mice :@
  2. Why not just add level 6 muggers to the areas levels 3 players dominate, then they couldn't auto without being killed, end of,.
  3. Z_evil


    slayer isn't a totally accurate sstem, if it says kill wolves, you can kill any kind of wolf in the whole of runescape, e.g. ice, grey, normal........... Anyway shadow warrios aren't shades, you should just be able to complete that in mort'on, also if you haven't done legends it shouldn't assign shadow warriors i don't think
  4. the darklight though being a members weapon does the same thing as the silverlight, e.g. weakens demons, also has a special attack which does extra damage, kinda like a whirlwind spin thing. But really i still find it easier to kill demons with dragon weapons and even rune ones........silverlight in my opinion ain't to good
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