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  1. Resizing would help it out some, but other than that, go ahead and send it in! :D
  2. I either go outside for awhile or log off and log on to my newfound love, WoW.
  3. The phrase "lmao" baffled me for about a year. I thought it was a form of calling someone a lame-o in E-language. :oops:
  4. Don't get me wrong, Tip-It is a very great site, but I'm not wearing a Tip-It T-shirt to school or anything. That's like handing my classmates a note saying: "Please kick my [wagon] immediately."
  5. Ok, so let me get this straight. Odd polls, 27 out of 850K+ people saying Jagex is dying, a few random miners saying Jagex is dying, and 600 people randomly quitting obviously means that Runescape, as well as Jagex themselves, are headed straight down to the plains of an infinite abyss of pure failure and disappointment? :-k
  6. Ooh, very nice find! Might consider saving up for one of those ammies. :D
  7. Hmm, lost 3 Guthan spears so far. 2 When I lagged and died at remote slayer spots. :wall: 1 When I got scammed for one. #-o Lost a Santa to a longtime friend, knew each other 2 years, so I didn't really expect him to steal it. I always move on and find ways of making it all back, and meet new and better friends as I progress in the game though, so I wouldn't really call myself unlucky. :D
  8. Wow, that's alot of goals. :o Goodluck with all those, best wishes! :D ~Krj
  9. I'm an RS2 Product, began Krj123 in early March 2005. Level 104. \
  10. What grinds my gears? I'd have to say these pre-school generated morons who will report you for ANYTHING. The best one I've heard in my 2 years of Runescape: Random Player: 104 guy Me: Who, me? (There were about 9 other level 104's around me.) Random Player: umm duh? Me: Ok, what do you want? Random Player: can i try on fur ammy? (Fur = Fury apparently. :-s ) Me: You mean my fury? Random Player: umm yeah noob what did i just say? Me: Erm, sorry. I only lend items to very close friends, not total stranger with bad attitudes. Random Player: Omg!!!!!!!! reported for not sharing, jagx is gonna ban u! Me: Ok...I'll have fun with my "ban." *Returns back to alching*
  11. Umm..Nah. A few people in W99 Edgeville know me, and I get random HYT's from time to time, but I'm nowhere NEAR famous.
  12. Daang nice Toast! Like you could ever be a better PKer than me though. =; Jk, Just one of those R2H pks is worth over double my total PKing profit. :-$
  13. LOL! I can imagine a PKer laughing at the kill message if they killed you. "With a crushing blow, you kill Someone Irl!" :lol:
  14. Personally, I would love that, except 5 minutes after the emote's release, idiots who picture Michael Jackson as nothing but a pedophile will be screaming for a child seduction emote. #-o
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