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  1. Been a tipster for years, really would be fun to give some time back but I think peeps who know me would laugh at the thought of me moderating :D . Would be a awesome to do though. |^_^|
  2. okay now that article got a huge chuckle out of me!! \:D/ <(dancing) :lol:
  3. Garden of Tranquility...really funny Legends....just cuz of the memories Desert Treasure...for the fricken scare and awesome help from friends! ohhh and Drunkin Dwarf made me give up a few chuckles along with that quest where you had to do sooooooo many errands for all kinds of peeps....roflmao what a way to torture us!! Oh, and I have to admit Monkey Madness was really Madness itself!!!!!hahahha and don't even get me to thinking about Underground.......grrrrr
  4. That was an excellent, balanced editorial. Thanks for reminding us all and providing a little reality check. I like the idea of jagex courtesy weekend, or omething along those lines.
  5. no floppies or cd's left in puter, that i checked on about the 10th reboot, pardon my frustration, and it is version XP. hi pup, been to that site too. (plus a few more) i'm afraid there is a prob with the driver for amdagp.sys or something along those lines, sheesh i've worked and reworked on it so much i'm getting confused
  6. OK, before I throw my other puter out the blasted window, I thought I would ask here if anyone can help... I had to perform a restore on my other puter. At the point that I get the message "Windows is loading...Please wait...", the puter thinks, then reboots and I get a... windows cannot load missing ......system32\hal.dll file please reinstall file...or something similar. I then use my recovery console and run a chkdsk /r it says is found and fixed one or more errors. I then exit and try to finish the restore at which point, after the puter tries to load windows again, reboots itself, then I get the message...NTLDR is missing...hit ctrl+alt+del to restart computer. I do this and the message keeps coming with every reboot. :shock: I tried to manually install the missing file by copying to the c: drive from the cd where it is, I also tried to copy it from a floppy that I loaded the NTLDR and NTDETIECT.COM files on but to no avail. :cry: *breathes* Any ideas? or anyway to bypass to get windows to finish loading? Oh, I also have reformatted the hard drive to try a clean restore, still get this result at the end. okay, as Biox knows, I am a bit puter illiterate, so HELP! please. I really don't want to have to buy a new puter and that one is for my business. :cry:
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