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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. That was a good fight, better luck next time Poison.
  3. Hi my RS name is Sascaroth and i'm looking for an active high level clan. I live in the USA so the clan must be USA based or include USA times in their events schedules, i don't care much for warring at the moment but i'm willing to do wars. Basically i need a clan that does it all. From having fun parties to skilling events to boss hunting. Clan must have active chat in game and other then that i have an open mind. my combat stats are as follows. 98 constitution 99 strength 99 attack 95 defense 78 range 87 mage 70 summoning 70 prayer
  4. I got my 99 cooking before Cook x came out, and it was pretty hard to get. Yet still i never wear my cooking cape or fletching cape, you can see me walking around very proud of my Fishing Cape.
  5. I became member for first time back in clasic for the skills :) and for my friends that were members.
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