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  1. Everywhere I look, I see people saying the fastest way to train combat in f2p is at the lvl 50 spiders in the SOS. I think that the level 30 zombies are much better. I am combat level 68, and I hit zombies much more frequently. Also, my hp restores nearly as fast as I am hit with full rune. I think that fighting zombies is much faster xp till around level 85. Post comments or reasons that I am wrong here. -Thank you
  2. I trained from 1-60 mage pure on strike/bolt/blast spells. The hp xp they give you is great.
  3. I agree, I can still remember the time when I was training with full rune on greaters (I know, dumb of me) plus about 50k of runes. Unfortunatly, a lvl 104 comes up and KO'es me when I was almost out of food. There should at least be a couple of lessers on Crandor Isle, avalable to those who had completed Dragon Slayer.
  4. Here is a list of all the kinds of arrows, what they are used for, and how much they usually cost. Bronze: Most used for: Training Range Price: 10gp each Iron: Most used for: Training Range Price: 15gp each Steel: Most used for: Training Range Price 25-30gp each Mith: Most used for: Training Range/PKing (rarely used) Price: 50-60gp each Addy: Most used for: Pking (most commonly used) Price: 150gp each Rune: Most used for: Pking Price 300-400gp each, more if poisened Post comments/updates/suggestions -Thanks
  5. De mathamatic? lol can't wait to see what the next person does to me :twisted:
  6. Same thing happened to me... I was logged on, logged out and tried to switch worlds, and they would not load. Possibly something with Jaugx servers that time? I tried rebooting and nothing helped. Came back 3 hours later, and it worked perfectly. Must be there servers or a hacking attempt (such a DDOS). Bonus computer geek points if you know what that stands for without googling it :-)
  7. Just one thing: a system like that will cost you 2-3 thousand, not hundred... did you forget a zero? Also, I would recomend Nvadia over ATI and you really do not need that good of a graphics card. Pick up a mid to high range one for 200 bucks. SLI or CrossFire only help at high resolultions (1600 X 1200) and in fact sometimes perform slightly worse at lower resolultions. Anyway, that's just my 2 cents.
  8. Your showing some pictures... so it must be your blocker. Probably because most contain words such as "Kill" or "Blood" or "Evil".
  9. lol oops sorry... I should've read the post more carefully. My bad.
  10. Probably some device, such as your network card, is preventing youre computer from "sleeping" for long. I can post a solultion if you tell me your version of windows.
  11. It'll run it easy... in fact any new computer you buy will run rs without a problem. For example, i bought a Dell Inspiron 1200 around a year ago (1200 is there cheapest), and it runs it great.
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