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  1. The people that sell new items at crazy prices arnt the ones that annoy me, what annoys me are the STUPID [bleep]ing 90s that steal your spot and then call you a noob and act like they are better then you. Thats all im seeing when im trying do train this skill
  2. Yeah they didnt fix anything. Just tested it in the wild on another player, on a npc, and dueling. Still the same.
  3. Does this mean for everything? If so, what happens when u dc against a monster? You just die? Because thats why they added that in the first place.
  4. Mage is over powered already. Ancients hit through hides better then melee wiith whip does :roll:
  5. nope its new pink dye, theres two different pink capes who needs a pink cape anyway :? me because it will look hawt with my bunny ears :lol: but how to u get it?
  6. Yeah saw some lvl 56 with this cape but refused to sell it or show it to me in trade screen. And its not the fremmy cape.
  7. heh heres what bibbleboy (123) has to say about it yes im evil demon47 lvl 111 and beat a 123 in a dm me with skimmy him with long
  8. i got a stats sig from rsbandb and it wont work..i even tried to put the old one in and it wont work :x so can some one help?
  9. i got a sig from rsbanb and it wont work it jsut has the little question mark..plz help
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