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  1. Hey Neishc and Pomar1 !!! Can I work with you guys??? :pray:
  2. I need an avatar...I want a penguin (anime one) wearing a blue P-hat. With the text-Sara Mange above it.I heard Random and RuneMetsa are good at avvys. Please help!
  3. I will have to be closing this thread...Due to some diffuculty...Sorry!
  4. Weeboab can you make it? Your awesome at sigs!
  5. Awesome but I need a different one...Sorry! Pic:Sara symbol Name:sara mange Text:Saradomin Follower (White and Blue text) Back Ground:Blue Sorry again! The Grimm one roks!
  6. Can Someone make me it please? [Mod Edit: Please do not bump your topic until it is on the 2nd page, what you are doing is considered spam ~Alduron]
  7. If you make I will be greatful! Ill make it kinda easy... What im wearing... Blue Wizard top (T) Blue P-Hat Black D-Hide legs Wizard boots blue gloves Sara book Sara Staff Sara Cape Other Char... Full Drag whip obby Sheild rune boots barrows gloves Obby Cape ------- What were saying Me:Bye Ill enjoy my new stuff! Him:Can I have my stuff back?Plz? ------- Were both skulled ------- Please make! Thanx!
  8. Can you make mine? <(o) -(___) Quack! Lol
  9. If u'll make mine :P just visit my thread "Need a sig!"
  10. Very nice! 9/10! I like the colers :) make somemore! Could u make me one? :P
  11. I cant right now im on PSP had to get off...Stupid bro...Ill PM u it asap...Soz
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