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  1. Yes i've decided that 99hp is pretty useless. So i'm getting 99 strength now hopefully. But first I need a fire cape and some good gloves.. Combat bracelet is slightly embarrasing lol. Thanks for your help :
  2. Stay 9hp and get 70 range with cannon :) That would be bloody epic Or do soul wars to train :)
  3. Definately use range in there somewhere, what's your combat?
  4. Please read the post i asked what has better rewards bh wildy or pvp i never said bh, its bh wildy or pvp. By bh he clearly means the new bh. And he's right, if you kill your target you get way better loot.
  5. Current combat: 86. I currently have void, torso, defender etc. What I want to know is where do you think I should take my stats? I got 61 attack the other day which kind of pissed me off a little. I don't know whether to get 70 for ss, 75 for gs, or just stay 61 and save for D claws. Obviously I need certain items such as barrows gloves, unholy book, and ofcourse fire cape (I plan on getting fire cape soon.) As for my stats, I was thinking of going for untrimmed hp cape, with 90 range and 94 mage. I'm undecided on whether to train prayer up to 52 or just keep it at 44. 61 attack, 97 strength, 45 defence, 44 prayer, 90 range, 94 mage & 99 hitpoints would leave me around 91 combat. I would appreciate your advice and, rate it if you want : Thanks guys
  6. I want to be able to Pk with untradeables + get them back :( Other than that, seems like a cool update.
  7. It's harder to take risks these days, if you're not praying you can get downed by claws/ags in a second. But yeah I half agree with you, old vids are 10x better.
  8. For a main i'd suggest Ardougne or Varrock. For a pure, try Camelot.
  9. Get 20 defence, and get 70 range. The black d'hide chaps give better defence bonus than initiate anyway (& they look better)
  10. 10 defence is useless, if you want some defence get 20 :thumbup: .
  11. If Jagex update bounty hunter so that you can go back for your untradeables then I definately think zerker pures are best (as you can take fire cape, torso, barrows gloves, defender etc and get them all back. I have a zerker myself and am desperate for them to update this. And ofcourse zerker pures usually have Vengeance :)
  12. Wow Bruno you get such good loot, do you sit in PvP getting potential, if so how long do you get potential for before doing 25k/pking? Very nice :thumbup:
  13. You killed 26kers in your vid. I know, improving on that with vid 4. :thumbsup: Only 4 of them by the way, and 90% of his kills are dhides. I'm looking forward to seeing you using Morrigan's :)
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