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  1. I'm down near the elf tracker and need to get through some dense forest to continue the quest. I REALLY don't want to leave and have to go through the underground pass an extra time, so was hoping someone could bring me some summer pies? Obviously I would have to pay you back once I'd got back to bank, and would pay 15k for 4 pies. That's also up for negotiation. Also, a summer pie will raise my agility +5 to 57. I was wondering, if my agility then naturally lowers to say 54 (+2 to my normal level), could I take an agility potion to raise it from 54-57? This would be much better inventory space-wise, but seems doubtful. Anyone willing to help?
  2. You guys did a swell job there. I remember watching one scene of Galipoli in history, last year, and you're right warrior, t'is moving. Plus, those biscuits are delicious. What's the history behind them does anyone know?
  3. Because I don't like the word 'butt'. To me, it is the skull crushing end of a rifle. Arse, is my colliquial term of choice for the posterior, so arse it is. And a fanboy...Someone who says something like 'LOLZ PS3 ownz you all!' or 'Wiiiiiiii has crap grafix so its crap'. IE, a completely uniformed idiot who thinks they know the slightest about gaming, and who is impervious to any type of sophisticated arguments or facts. And you're sure nothing came up? Try going to this 'gametrailers.com' and searching for Haloid on there.
  4. So its completely OK then that the 3 or so out of 10 people you do it to feel annoyed, or even worse? I used to have severe confidence issues, and when people do that sort of thing to you, you feel millions of times worse.
  5. But most strangers won't want to be walking along, minding their own business, only to be cheered, or wolf whistled or some other harrassment which doesnt DIRECTLY affect them, but still is piss annoying, by some snotty bunch of preteens.
  6. read the FAQs at the bottom of the site's page. Shes the spartan from DoA
  7. I agree with Nadril, I hate people like you. I don't hate you, don't get me wrong, its just that the tossers who stand at a street corner, and block your way, or wolf whistle you 'because it's fun', are just sad. If you want fun, read a joke book, don't ruin someone's day.
  8. Shivers, why do you HAVE to get every other post on here? Are you just trolling so that you get an ego boost when someone gives you 7.5/10 or something?
  9. Omg... ok ill see what I can do.
  10. pompey_spud


    This video is AMAZING. That's the only word for it. The man who did it, is just incredible. edit - the bloody link won't work (cheers tif censors =D> ) so type 'Haloid' in on google. For me, its the very first link, its on a website called 'gametrailers.com' Please, don't be like my friend (who I have now blocked) who the SECOND he saw the word 'Samus', screamed at me. accusing me of being a Ninty fanboy. And please, no Halo fanboys screaming the video is crap because: [hide]Samus owns the Spartan's arse. That's what would happen anyway (she's simply a well trained soldier. Samus is a galactic hero) and the dude explains in the FAQs at the bottom of the page why he made it that way.[/hide] Also, the video has a hot ending, so stick with it all the way to the very very end.
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