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  1. Well Here He Is It Is An Alien from Alien VS Predator But With Weapons Ans Powers! He Was Experimented On By The Government But He Escaped (I Point Out The Chains) Thanks PLz COMMENT!
  2. u can make ur own guy or a car if u want...
  3. Hey Like My Siggy Post Here And SHow OFF!
  4. true u on ruenscape right now?
  5. thanks but i think they dotn know how to fix it we need mebers to report this bug
  6. Help me! i have tryed and i cant get my christmas hats and scarfs back from deingo. plz help me! :pray: :pray:
  7. full metal roscks but they need to put it onn earlyer!
  8. i know a whole lot about this kind of stuff i have stayed awake almost 1 week till i realised it was bad for me to stay up that long juts watch tv all night or be on the computer ok?
  9. Code374

    hilary duff

    all i wanted was to see if any one on the site knows who she is and likes her
  10. Code374

    hilary duff

    :3> i liek hilary duff any one esle? meet me in game world 75 varroc catsel code374!
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