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  1. if someone is a pro and can get me quick exp ill pay in advance. lmao
  2. im a lvl 3 skiller. lvl 35 dungeoneering atm. I need a scroll of life. Pm me in game.
  3. i cant seem to find the topic that shows all quests that can be completed staying level 3?
  4. I have a level 3 skiller named new father. currently 33 dungeoneering with 1k tokens. I need a scroll of life badly. Ill be willing to pay for fast experience in getting more tokens. contact me in game, New Father
  5. how about the veteran cape? any stat boosts to it?
  6. but classic cape is much rarer eh
  7. I have many old chars I made in classic. Well one I found named MlstyMlnt is 1 attack 1 str 30 def 50 mage 1 prayer 1 summoning. I can get classic cape and veterans cape. Question is can I make this character a good staker maybe? and if so whats the best way? defence/range or what?
  8. Chars name is Saiyan Heart. Im at daimonheim.
  9. Ive had the same issue. Been playing the exact amount of time, had over 100 accounts and never a single 99 skill.
  10. Mousekeys? I'm a noob. Explain lol
  11. I remember being able to just message em, but it did take forever to respond, before there was 100k+ players. Now with millions I couldn't imagine.
  12. I'm doing this with my phone, thus whys my words sound [developmentally delayed]ed. I usually do f2p pking, but I want to try p2p.
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