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  1. Ahahhahahaha OoC is the best thing in Runescape, period. Grats on 2.5m Cabbages
  2. I don't know wether to say thnaks, or go like, "N0valyfe got all 99s in like 2-3 years." :P There's a reason why he is one of the only who achieved that man. ;-)
  3. Very nice, only thing missing is the white phat. I would trade some of the other rares to get a white one, but that's just for the completeness and because white is the prettiest phat imo. :D 8,5/10
  4. Exactly! Nice goals, you should be able to achieve them in a reasonable time without getting bored. (alot of small goals = alot of variety) Good luck. :D
  5. I give tips with my critisism, maybe you should learn to READ. Search up Subse7en, then if you want, you can search it up in a week or 2 and you'll "see" me get 99 fishing. It's not spam, it's comments. I say they should split it up, which would be easier, and that it takes alot of patience. Some rediculous goals just ask to get flamed, and posting it here is asking for comments, whether it be positive or negative. Why the hell would any negative comment be considered spam? Oh and I remember your "funny" goal thread with all 99's, so I get why you're FLAMING me. Anyway, you're partly right, let's not ruin this topic, pm me if you have anything to say. Ontopic: Like I said, splitting it up will make this a whole lot more interesting, maybe short term plans. For example killing dragons then burring the bones crafting the hides, this way you can level alot of those skills fast, at least to a decent level. And I'm happy you're kinda considering our advice, hopefully this will turn into an interesting goal / blog thread. ~Sub
  6. What's with people making these unrealistic/way too longterm goals? Even if you will make it in 1 year, this thread will be dead x20 once you get to a few 99's or somth. :S But good luck I guess...
  7. You say you do but you have NO idea how hard it is to get that much 99's. One of you almost has 1 99, and that's like 5% of the goal you're trying to achieve. Seeing how easy it is according to you, I wonder why you have no 99's yet. If you post a goal here you must accept all comments, negative and positive. A goal like this with the stats you have is asking for a flame imo. But yeah you're kids, so stubborn, won't take it from anyone. Good luck, let me know when you achieve it, I'll give each of you a santa hat. Oh and fishing is nowhere close to as hard as runecrafting. Trust me, I almost have 99 fishing, Runecrafting is WAY harder. Were not even negative, were realistic. But good luck, prove me wrong and I'll give you props.
  8. ty, feel free to hyt me everyone, talking makes time go by a little faster. 70 hunter achieved btw. ;-)
  9. Gl, I never had the petience to train rc over 50, soooooooo boring imo. Respect if you make it. :D
  10. Hehe well I think mining and stuff takes more patience, got 1 level so far today. thx for the reply. :D
  11. Ahahah you got like the greatest blog. It's like you always know how to say things in a funny way. You should write books or somth!
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