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  1. I don't completly understand the best way to get dungeoneering exp, here are a few questions and debate topics. When you are about to do the floor you know you'll prestige on. Is it best to do a large so your prestige exp is higher? Is rushing to your prestige floor on c1 quiicker exp? Is it always best to do in groups? If so, how many? Thanks alot.
  2. Do you make profit fomr junk? Or if i had 10 mil, can i only have 10 mil of junk?
  3. I have recently had the need to create alot of "junk" to create profit out of my trade. What is junk and how do I obtain it? Luker2d2
  4. I have experience at barrows, although i took a break from runescape recently. Barrows armour prices have increased vastly, unfortunately, so has guthans. What is the best setup for someone witha cash pile of 10mil, with 80 on mele and rage stats to take to barrows? I also have full void.
  5. Hello I am Luker2d2, also known as Pyro Liam. I am asking two questions today, when anwsering please take into account my stats and that I have a cash pile of 10 million. My first question is, where can I personally get the fastest mele experience? My second question is what bosses do you think groups will take me to and what bosses can I solo? Thank you for you're time
  6. Hello, I very much like the new slayer points system, I have a current role of slayer points of 25, so I can potentially earn alot of points in less tasks, however I am combat level 109 and wish to change to the shilo village master as I currently am using the slayer master "summona". If I get a task from the shilo village master will my role of tasks carry on to him as well?
  7. I see some people on their blogs use some sort of website / program that records how much exp they gain daily. Where can I find this? Luker2d2
  8. With my stats (look on the runescape highscores please) could I go along with any team and survive / get drops from god wars bosses? If so what one with what equipment.
  9. Pm "the pking st", he is my pure and I am playing as him until I have a team. Once I have found one I will switch to my main, who is at Relleka waiting to board the boat. I have Guthan's armour and 1k slayer bolts. I have researched alot on the DKS but now I would like a team to guide me for my first time! Luker2d2
  10. I have my setup to mage. Should I bring a crossbow? What items should I have in my inventory. I have 52 summoning. Also, if there is anyone that goes regularly would they mind dragging me along since its my first time I don't feel like going alone :ohnoes:
  11. now try and find a eylsian signal :D Thats a pretty insane acheivement
  12. I would also reccomend killing babies if its just for the slayer exp.
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