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  1. Ok, not trying to be mean here, but you need to grow up. Obviously, he/they do too, but that's besides the point. You need to tell him that this is a game, and that you're done talking to him. To everyone else that he "gets to hate you," they are immature also for hating you over a game. You need to tell the people that. Tell them that he plays this game 24/7 and that this game is his life. Tell them that because you won't give him an item/items, he is being childish and making up lies. I started playing this game when I was 13 years old. I am 22 now. I am NOT one of those people who sit on this game all the time. I am a very hard worker, and knows what needs to be done before game time comes. I am in college, work part time at an auto parts store, and work full time for my family's business (landscape). Not that you should care about me or what I do or have done, but you need to know when to ignore stupid s--- and just do you man. Don't let ignorant people bother you or keep you from your real life aspirations, education, family, or REAL friends. I have had friends in the past from high school who played this game and did damn near the same thing that pecker is doing to you. I got rid of him real quick and totally stopped associating with you. So, all in a nutshell, drop the fool. Don't be worried what other people think about you if they're not your girlfriend/wife/family/friends. Who cares? Your REAL friends at school will ALWAYS like you for who you are, regardless of what some bozo says about you in a game.
  2. Hello to all. First, let me say I love to pk in f2p, but I obviously like training in p2p better. I am currently using iron helmet, strength amulet, obby cape, iron plate, iron kite, black dragon chaps, black dragon vambs, and iron boots. My question is, is there any better helmet, shield, or platebody that will give me any better defense bonuses? i'm well aware that a higher defence level would be the simple solution, but I would like to keep 1 defense. Also, I'm not a fan of doing quests, but if the quest is easy i may consider it. Thanks for the input.
  3. I run on about 30-50 fps depending on what computer I am on. I don't see what the big deal is about just turning the quality on the lowest setting. I don't know about you (well actually I do, apparently you're unwilling), but if I were having your problem while playing on high setting, I would turn it to the minimum. ESPECIALLY if it were affecting my gameplay THAT much. In fact, I always turn my graphics setting on "min" no matter what computer I'm playing on. I hate all of the confusing graphics and different looks. It really pisses me off.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Yes, I afk at rock crabs now. The xp was okay, but now that my range/str is getting a little high I am starting to kill the 3 faster than they can respawn. I have about a 15-20 second wait after I kill all 3 until the next one appears. I guess I wouldn't mind being here till both 99's, but I was just hoping for a faster method. I don't have a ton of money on this account to be spending on prayer pots even if I DO get 43-44 prayer.
  5. Do either of you have an exact location for this? I know either of the monster you list come in various levels....any idea which one would be for me? Thanks a lot for the help.
  6. If you can master the range/r2h(or scimmy) combo, a low def, 40 att, high range and str will yield you a ton of money in low level edge. there is a TON of people in the busy worlds that are in low level wildy in front of edge and most of them fight with no armor no matter what their defence level is. I'm making one now simply because I love to pk. hope my input helped! anymore questions just ask.
  7. Hey guys. Have a character that is 40 att, 70 strength, 1 def, 31 pray, 59 mage, and 70 hp right now. cb is 59. I want to know if there are any AFKable spots that are better than rock crabs for range and strength. I am willing to do quests for it. I am mainly looking for xp, although making a bit of money to compensate for archery equip will be a plus. Any ideas? P.S- I am making this character to pk in a f2p environment, with hopes of one day having 99 strength, 99 range, and 44 prayer. I'd like to hold off on the prayer for as long as possible.
  8. I'm not really trying for charms, as I'm only training this for f2p pking. What about putting cannon up in red spider pit in varrock dungeon? I'm not too familiar with p2p areas :oops:
  9. I completely agree with you, OP. My brother insists I use all of the "new sweet armor and weapons," and when I ask him what it is and if it has to be recharged, he always tells me yes. I tell him to take that BS somewhere else. When I want to train, I want to train. I don't want to spend my limited time playing this game running around and having items recharged, spending a rediculous amount of money. Good rant OP, good rant.
  10. 1st question is where would you guys use cannon at if you had a character with 1 defence and not many quests done? I have 8k cballs to waste. I'm just doing this to keep my hp down a little bit. 2nd questions is where would you mine iron if you wanted to bank it? I want to get decent xp and make some money. I don't want a bank that's super far from the mining spot. character is currently 50 mining.
  11. Hello everyone. I've been out of the "pure" game for quite some time now, and looking to get back into it. I love f2p pking. I started a new char, with intents of 40 attack, high strength, 1 def, high range, 59 mage, 31 prayer (for now, 44 later), and medium hp. As of right now, it is 20 attack, 20 str, 2 def (oops), 31 prayer, 59 mage, and 42 hp. I am a member, and I do not intend on doing a ton of quests since I don't like them. I intend on using about 8k cballs somewhere along my range journey to cut down on hp levels. I don't want super low hp, just not as high as it would be if i were to train range and strength the old fashion way. So, my question is, wheres a good place to train strength and range at? "Good" for me means short distance to bank, decent xp, and afkable. If anymore info is needed, just ask and I will post. Thanks.
  12. I have only pked in f2p, not p2p. My personal opinion is that p2p pking involves little to no skill. You can 3 hit people way too easily. Most of my game play is f2p pking. I have pked on most types of accounts, including low defence mages, rangers, and str pures, as well as tank rangers, magers, and strength characters. My advice to you is to use swordfish as food. It's only 2 extra hp than lobbies, but 2 times 27 is 54 more hp gained in a full inven. The reason I say 27 spots is because you want to have a strength pot in your inventory. Also, you will probably have more success if you have a r2h or a corrupt weapon in your inven so you can switch and hit. Another tip I can give you is to disregard the nerds that complain if you "safe." They only complain because you don't leave your hp in an area where they can kill you with a 25-28 hit. Eat till around 35 hp or until you feel comfortable and ignore them. And lastly...you will win some and you will lose some. If you lose, don't get discouraged. Just go back out there, and learn from your mistakes.
  13. superheating gold with gaunts....what does that do? I mean what's the difference between using gaunts and not using them? EDIT: And unless i'm missing something, current GE prices say that gold ore is 257 gp each and bars are 135 each, so I would be losing quite a bit of money...?
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