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  1. gl on 99 cooking and btw what staff is that your wearing in your pics it looks really cool
  2. good work lol maybe if i stop dying at gwd i could get a bank like that lol 9.5/10 (need a d chain) p.s. i got a d chain woooopt
  3. hey gl with 99 rc and thanks for showing how to hunt red chins lol im such a noob i cant believe i asked this guy for help!!! :-w
  4. what happened??? you abandoned us at they abyss for those astrals you should feel ashamed of yourself!!! nahh just joking gl on 99 rc
  5. yer i think zezima also did a video showing all skill cape emotes
  6. hi my name is 0soularcher0 i am currently trying to get pictures of all the 99 skill cape emotes for all my fellow runscapers so you can see which is the coolest. feel free to post on which emote you think is the best or give some advice. also if anyone wants to be showing off their emote on this page pm me in game and we can arrange a meeting place enjoy :) stength cape:
  7. gl buddy heres maybe a better way to get money now im not the best at saving my money but i found a good way to make money is to buy flax 100gp ea make bs and sell em 200ea if u can find perm buyers and sellers it can be quite quick good luck anyway
  8. ive gotta say ive neva tried this but i know ppl that have done it and they have mad plenty of money first find a friend that has crafting high enuf lvl to make green d hide bodys ( he also must be someone u can trust) buy like 500 green hides then ask your freind if he can make them into green d hide bodies after this gett all the bodies and 500 natures then hi alc em all note: this way is good bcos u casn find easy buyers at around 2k per green hide and then buy nats if its neccesary aslo this only works if you are a member.
  9. ok so i havent been around since 2001 or 02 ( lol i started playing 3 years ago) but i do hav one thing that is pretty funny!! i remember saving up for 2 months for 200k to buy myself full black (g) and then once i got it i went straight to falador mines to train on some scorpions anyway within 3 minutes i had died lost all my black (g) ( hadd full rune in inventroy=( after this had happened i didnt play for a whole year but now im back and with membs just picked myself up a full rune (T0 3 days ago and saving the rest for rune (g) anyways u guys from the old days of rsc tell me something what did jagex do that killed runescape?? allthough i do agree they come out with some garbage skills ( hunter in particular)
  10. i dunno about use but i do most of my training with my dds becos i hit less 0's than with a d long and for sure in dueling dds and a d long to finish off
  11. lol i suppose it is whateva u call it i just lost 500k in armour and weapons and ammys last night pking so its off to cut 1k magics
  12. buddy look at my stats and im strugling just too make money: anyways ive made most of my money from wcing and this is my first p2p month. when i was f2p i cut yews for all my money wen u get 60 wcing theres a kinda secret place to cut yews if u head out of varroks east exit and head north u should find 3 yew trees spread apart( not that far apart) i cut yews from lvl 60 to 76 here
  13. as the heading says i will be going for 10k lobbys my current fishing lvl is 63 and once i get lvl 68 fishing im going to..... well its pretty obvious where im going:D anyway if ure fishing at catherby ill be on world 112 all the time and would like as much company as possible also if ure loking to buy raw lobs i will sell for 230 ea
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