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  1. Just read your first post and I love it :) Nice and organized! And, wow! You're so close to 99 cooking! You're just knocking down those 99's! Keep it up! :D
  2. Thanks! And it was definitely a good quest, but I liked Branches of Darkmeyer more in my opinion. So, as usual I've been busy and havent played much but still managed to achieve some random stuff. To start off, I got a d plateskirt drop from an iron dragon on task lol: Then, as I was mad for dying on Jad on task, I went to do the fight caves for fun. This time I won. :) This was my second time winning (the first was like 3 years ago lol) so now I have this fancy placeholder: I then got some random levels lol : And then I decided to try the KBD out for my black dragon task, and it went well. Not quite the visage that I wanted but it put a smile on my face lol :P (I don't know if these are actually rare?) I also won 500k on the SoF for my second time sometime during those other stoofz. So now I have a couple options: I sort of want 99 strength. I would need 233k xp per day to get it in a month. Which although will be easy on some days, I doubt I can keep up that pace every day, especially with other stuff in RS. I also would like to get all my stats to 80+. This is difficult though, as I despise mining so much, and construction will put a dent in my bank. So I'll have to see if I want to do this. I guess for now I'll just continue slaying towards 99 HP/Strength! Thanks! :)
  3. Nice level ups! Getting close to 99 Defence! :D and Goodluck on your trickster outfit, can't wait to read your new and improved blog! :)
  4. My membership from a 30 day card just ran out. It said August 8th so I was going renew tonight, buy when I logged in and I was f2p. I misjudged the expiration date because of time zones. So if I renew today will I lose the 300k xp from August? :/
  5. Been busy in RS and IRL. Managed to get a ton of levels and finish ROTM. :) I started off by getting the agility level needed: I then got a random crafting level and smithing level: Then, although I hated how tortuous mining is, I got 76 mining for ROTM: Finished ROTM and got a prayer level from the XP lamps :) In other randomness, I finished my Varrock hard diaries (IDK why I never finished them before :S) And I won 500k on SoF lololol:
  6. Welcome to Tip.it! You have a nice interesting blog starting from scratch! :) Add me ingame and I'd be glad to help you anytime! :)
  7. You have really nice stats and for some reason I feel like our accounts are very similar :P I also am into monster hunting if you ever need a partner :) Good luck with your goals! :)
  8. Sorry for no update in a few days. I've been busy and haven't had much time to play runescape, but I managed to get 90 defence while also missing the pic :P. I realized I was only 3k from the next mining level, so I got that: I then did one of the seven quests left. It also got me 73 thieving: I only need 4 more mining levels and 1 more agility level to do ROTM, so hopefully I can get those soon. I might do some other quests first that will give me the agility xp required as I hate doing it :P I also hate mining (it's my least favorite skill) so I guess I'm just going to powermine granite. If there's a faster way I'd appreciate if anyone could tell me :) Now that I'm balanced melee-wise, I was thinking of going for a 99 in one. Strength seemed the most useful to me, so I'll probably go for that unless anyone can convince me otherwise :P
  9. You have a very nice account! I love how balanced all of your stats are. Add me ingame if you ever need anything :) (P.S. I'll be glad to buy you battlestaves :))
  10. [spoiler=Intro]My brother, MonkGyatso, and I Thewizard713 have played runescape together for many years. We recently started playing again as we had more time during the summer. We figured it would be fun to post our daily/whenever achievements. :) So here we go. Starting Stats: Current Stats: Goals: Overall: Currently I'm trying to achieve the levels to complete all quests and re-obtain my quest cape after quitting. :P Current Cashpile: 16M [spoiler=Level Ups] [spoiler=Special Drops] Thanks for reading, feel free to add me in-game, as I have few friends who still play! :P
  11. Got this yesterday :) Chinning is the single most annoying thing I've ever done.
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