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  1. saradomin godsword would be amazing, but 38m is like exactly double the money i own at present :/ sold zamorak and got bandos now, since the 5s bind effect turned out not to be that useful as i thought, so the less expensive one seemed wiser, and earned the ca. 1.6m back through some buying low/selling high and selling of slayer loot (luckily i had grotworms as a task) now since yesterday. i think ill wait till i can afford the whole bandos set and still have a few millions left, and then do some slaying/killing of higher enemies for money earning. i was actually quite satisfied with my performance vs blue/red/black dragons using dragonfire shield & abyssal whip, though id rather level up my ranged lvl for them, but i dont like all the effort (whether timewise or financial) needed to acquire arrows/bolts, hence im using ranged very rarely. i like magic for combat much more, but need to level up a bit more, compared to my melee stats; same regarding equipment. but when i get high enough combat wise, i will definitely use potions instead of the dragonfire shield. right now it wouldnt matter that much since i still need at least 5+ hits per blue dragon, in best case, ie. each does full damage. maybe i should sell some of my stored loot to buy bandos armor.. got hundreds of dragon bones, raw rocktails (that i cannot cook yet), 2k of magic logs.. ive been collecting them long, and keep them, dont know why exactly :D yes, all the bones for ectofunctus prayer xp, but i think their monetary value is higher than their prayer xp, especially since ectofunctus prayer xp isnt boosted/influenced by bonus xp, festive auras, urns etc.
  2. ok, well this is new that hybrid gear has -15 defense rating. regarding helm of neitiznot - i just compared it since it is widely used, and ive been using it before warpriest. well ok then ill try to get the bucks for full bandos set.. thanks!
  3. ok thanks, ive already been dual-wielding, but since im far away from having the hard/elite tasks completed, i do not have the enhanced excalibur; did it with the whip & dragon mace to combine slash & crush damage. though i prefered the bandos warshield more since i lasted noticeably longer before having to restock on food when doing slayer tasks. so whats the point with hybrid? looking at the stats, zamorak warpriest looks really good - as an example: warpriest of zamorak helm armor 226 life bonus 720 type hybrid level 75 helm of neitiznot armor 196 life bonus 660 prayer bonus 3 type melee level 55 so except for the prayer bonus, the warpriest helm looks superior in every aspect, by far. and still i should rather get full melee power armor (eg. bandos, as soon as i can afford all parts)? regarding weaknesses - dont know exactly how it affects damage dealt to me, but the weaknesses matter very much when fighting creatures using approx. same lavel weapons but one of the type it is weak against, and another which it isnt. thanks!
  4. first of all, althoigh already some 7-8(?) years playing rs, i am only playing it regularily since the introduction of daily tasks, and this also rarely more than 20-60mins daily, so my levels are far below this forums average. i also only dont play pvp at all (except during the current world event). my relevant levels are: att 80 def 76 str 81 con 81 ran 71 mag 72 pra 75 sla 76 shall i focus on improving anything specific here? my primary focus is melee.. currently my main weapon is an abyssal whip - working on slayer lvl 80 for the vine whip. armorwise i am using the full zamorak warpriest (lvl 75, hybrid) set, and a bandos warshield. now just out of curiosity i have bought a zamorak godsword and was quite impressed with its performance against mature grotworms and some (arma vs bandos world event) pvp, compared to the whip which is slashing type, too. so would you recommend using the whip (later vine whip) or a godsword (or another weapon) as my main weapon? not having the bandos warshield equipped reduces my max health quite a lot, and for dragons i need the dragonfire shield, hence this is the main downside of the godsword. and my second question is about the armor - from what ive read/heard so far, this <god> warpriest hybrid armor isnt that good as it sounds - lvl 75 hybrid. would you recommend getting bandos armor? since my budget is not that high (about 15m atm), i could only afford the chestplate+tassets to still have some acceptable amount of money left.. or another armor? i also have some barrows items, which i do not use though, as being degradeable is something i just dont want to cope with (time wise, since i do not play that much that i could get the money repairing requires). so id prefer some non-degradeable armor. thanks!
  5. thank you! but now looking at the dragon dagger im confused again - or it isnt updated yet: damage 576, hit bonus 600, accuracy 600 - that looks better than the longsword - or does here the tier apply again, so dragon longsword with accuracy 610 is better than dagger with 600, no matter what damage/hit bonus? (of course, only judging from these stats - i know that the longsword is better in-game, especially now since theres no ddp++ anymore) on the other hand, the off-hand dragon dagger has damage 288, hit bonus 600, accuracy 600. i suppose theres a lot to be updated/corrected. so is there a general formula on how to calculate and compare weapons directly now since EOC? thanks!
  6. i just compared some weapons to get an idea what would be the most favorable melee all-purpose weapon for me at present, and there i got a bit confused when looking at the new specs since EOC.. eg. comparing dragon longsword and and abyssal whip: dragon longsword Damage 336 Hit Bonus 600 Life Bonus 0 Level 1 Prayer bonus 0 Accuracy 610 Style Slashing Melee Crit 0.0% Type Melee Speed Fast abyssal whip Damage 672 Hit Bonus 0 Life Bonus 0 Level 70 Prayer bonus 0 Accuracy 700 Style Slashing Melee Crit 0.0% Type Melee Speed Fastest well, judging from these, the whip should be generally better, since 2x the base damage and better accuracy and faster striking. however, what does this hit bonus do?! ie. when does is apply (and when not, if)? looking at both weapons in-game in fact makes the longsword look superior, since there the hit bonus is automatically added to the base damage, which amounts to 735 for the longsword and just 672 for the whip! since theres no slash/stab/crush etc anymore for a single weapon, but all swords are slashing, as it is the whip, the longsword doesnt have the advantage of having more attack styles anymore over the the whip, which before EOC only had the slash style. or have these specs just not been updated correctly/fully yet (like eg. the level requirement of 0 for the longsword, which should be 60)? any clue? and any tips on which weapon to use now? thanks!
  7. thanks for the more thorough description :) didnt expect that id come across an entirely new coordinate, so i thought id just mention it here briefly as a reminder, hence no better description.
  8. ok, and is there a way to recognize them, ie. any strange/typical "bot behavior"? ive never encountered one, neither did i do really much pvp so far, just a bit, and thats quite long ago. i suppose i shouldnt try to fight purely pk-trained bots/players as i am not trained well to fight players (str/att/def/mag all within 10 lvls).
  9. thats what i was wondering about - seem to have expressed myself wrongly, whether i can hunt those bots inside the chaos tunnels although theyre not pvp.
  10. i wanted to hunt them (for combat and slayer xp) and then use their bones for prayer xp @ ectofunctus. regarding hunting the bots - inside the chaos tunnels, pvp?
  11. ok, thank you for the quick replies! cheaters and jagex not introducing a non-pvp-non-chaos-tunnels-area to fight green dragons or a non-pvp-wilderness world.. quite some bad news, i must admit.
  12. thanks! but to get there its also necessary to enter the wilderness.. and the chaos tunnels are multi-combat, so quite risky, too :/ what do you mean by bots - player-controlled bots, ie. cheaters?
  13. havent been playing rs for about a year now and just wanted to ask a brief question on the back-2-pvp-wilderness change and green dragons - since the wilderness is a pvp area again, and green dragons only spawn inside the wilderness and dungeons within the wilderness, is there absolutely no way to kill green dragons anymore without being in a pvp area? thanks
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