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  1. Gratz on defence lvl!! (And as I said: I did play Runescape this two weeks... Far too much!)
  2. Gratz on the lvl and on 1650 total!! Two weeks no school, I expect that you'll achieve at least two goals!!
  3. Gratz on def 82!! Keep it up!! btw, in the holidays, I think I'll start gaming again, so maybe I'll be back on Runescape....
  4. GRATZ!!!! (I'm sorry I wasn't there, was playing a game and forgot the lvlup...) :anxious: I would have come though, if I thought of it!
  5. I guess I'll come too... Anyway, good luck!! (You're going to fast!! :ohnoes: )
  6. Good luck! :thumbsup: (I thought: I'll come up with something unique!)
  7. Thanks for the post! But I'm not becoming p2p. :? Not now... (added) Thanks!! : Yes, it was weird.... : Got cooking 61 a few days ago, but forgot to post and update my blog! Also added a few random pictures!
  8. Good luck on getting all skills 40+!!! :thumbsup: Post on my bloggeh, please....?
  9. Good luck on you goal!!! Your skills are awesome!!! (Post on my little bloggie too, plz?)
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