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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Right now my compute and 360 will not connect. When I try to do it via WMP11 and set to share library it is not showing. My set up is: Main filter -> Router -> Ethernet Switch .. (Needed to get internet upstairs) -> 1 cable into switch -> 2 cables out .. 1 pc and 1 to 360. Fixed, Cheers for help!
  3. Are you kidding? The joker is incredibly true to the comic books and I think one of the best performances I've seen. Mark Hamill does a great job, I'm loving the game so far. :thumbsup: Much better than Heath Ledger. Also the Scarecrow is AWESOME.
  4. The reason why he used that voice in the movie is because unlike other superhero flicks, he would have been caught if he just used his normal voice. It's not like everyone didn't know who Bruce Wayne was. I kind of doubt he will though since this is more of based off of comic books, which aren't as realistic. Nah, just bad scripting/acting/directing. No Nadril is correct. But anyway I have this coming Friday special edition .. :D
  5. They may be cool, but they are pointless. You don't need them, they are only a gimmick to make you pay $150 for the game. And its true "limitedness" as "We are not stupid enough to make the same mistake as Halo"
  6. Yes and no .. I agree that it is Overrated NOW .. but for its era it wasn't.
  7. Correct. Someone else can take my go then.
  8. Easily one of the Spot games. Edit: Cool Spot to be exact. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cool_Spot Take mine anyone.
  9. Call of Duty - All. Final Fantasy - All. Guitar Hero. Fallout 3.
  10. Monkey Island .. Bloody tedious. And have Lego Batman to 100% tomorrow.
  11. I never... Oh wait, that time. Yeah... We actually played legitimately though, We never had extra controllers we just played and said "Yo guys, could I try to get BLAH?" You wonder why you got caught. We didn't. Just MLB, and that was, I'm assuming, from a different time. Yeah it was a different game involving no TIFers Was a sarcastic comment aimed @ MLBFan and the guy that left the forums.
  12. Doesnt look like any TW game ... And yay me for getting it. ;D
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