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  1. How often did you actually hit the kbd? Did you actually manage a kill or two?
  2. *teles away* LOLOLOL WORGN1 I love the new spells. The farming stuff are really useful, as before that I had to pay 1k per compost to some noob who picked up watermelons after lilyuffie.
  3. I agree with this post. The inflation problem is fairly resolved (look at the phats price. A while back people thought yellow would be at 600m now).
  4. Well, you can try. You have my support. But the last attempts at Utopia made by the russians and chinese failed miserably (good book to read on this subject: "Animal Farm").
  5. And be able to build a bar in your house and hire rowdy NPC ladies to entertain the guests.
  6. Call me hateful and sadistic (my parents do), but it is incredibly entertaining to laugh at the shear immaturity of the majority of runescape players. I enjoy flaming these idiots, killing them, and clearing them at the arena. It warms my heart knowing that the guy who called me a "****ing **** ***** *** lol" can now go back to runecrafting, as he no longer has his full sara armour to stake with, and that he will probably end up geting his behind peekayed by another pathetic player in the process. However in saying so, I do agree, >18 would be an awesome way to deal with idiots. I doubt anyone under 15 would actually want to be in one of these worlds. However, there will be no way in hell to verify that the users are indeed over 18. Social security number is a stupid idea, considering the amount of people getting key logged and losing their rs passwords, getting your identity stolen would be beyond horrible.
  7. Ok, I am posting about a vulnerability that can be used to scam people. With this vulnerability on a slow computer it is very hard to detect, as the computer has a huge lag period between the clicking of the "accept" button, and the "accept" message actually being sent to the runescape server. It is not like trade item scams because the second screen doesn't actually tell you that the scammer is trying to scam you, unlike with the trade screens. Your accusation of "if you can't sort it out then don't duel" is unfair and unbacked. It's like telling the people who Durial321 killed that, it was their fault for selling their valuable items at falador in the first place on that day. This call is childish and inflammatory. "they think they know every lttle thing" - please, don't shoot yourself down with hypocrisy. After making about 5-6m on my staker now (I don't care if you don't believe me, save yourself the effort and don't tell me "lololu r ma3kin it up l0l"), over 400+ duels, I have gained good knowledge on the topic of dueling and staking. My staker infact, can completely stake all your money off your character if you give me the pleasure of doing so, but I will not get into a "my character is better than yours" argument. You on the other hand, whom I doubt has more than 6m cash in total, would just come along and tell me to shut the hell up, because you know more than I do. When I try to defend my position you come along with an even more ragingly mediocre claim, telling me that, hey, my foot's over my head, I have NO IDEA what I'm talking about. Stop flamming people. Ok?
  8. Are you stupid? maging someone with no runes is nothing better than pulling 200k off that full rune trade you had in the last sec. GOD. Why is tip it full of so many idiots who have their interests set on defending Jagex? On one hand Jagex is banning people for having their name as "X neg D", on the other they are letting scammers run free with money they do not deserve.
  9. Shut up and come back when you know what you are talking about. It is not possible to confirm all the rules in the second screen. Even if I got glasses and spent 1 hour checking the second screen it still does nothing. Full stop. You sir are an imbecile. The implementation will take 10 minutes max of andy's time, and with all the stupid security implementations (dungeon of security? ok...) maybe he should actually get some common sense.
  10. Ok I'll cut straight to the chase here. The old dueling confirmation screen was 40 times better than the one right now. The current one does not actually allow you to confirm what you are going to do in the duel, and if you messed up in the first screen you are unlikely to pick it up on the second. The message "some equipment may be taken off in the duel" is vague and does not indicate whether, for example, if weapons are on or not. All aside, all the texts over the screen are impossible to check for the average person and even if they were, a person rushing to their 200k would quickly forget that "prayer on" is not displayed in the screen if prayer was on. As a direct result of this I have lost at least 300k out of my 1M winnings over the week from stupid guys putting food on, pots on, mage on, melee off, etc. And most annoying of all, even though I reported every single one of these noobs, its unlikely that jagex would ban anyone for stake duels. It is infact unlikely that jagex would actually ban anyone for a legitimate reason at all. My suggestion? Go make the 2nd screen a frozen version of the first screen. I know for a fact when I stake, I wait until the other person has accepted, then double check the rules before commencing the duel. The 2nd screen to me serves the only purpose of confirming whether or not I had noticed any fishy activity during the previous screen.
  11. Id imagine if you get 100+ ashes some farming guy would buy it to waste all his tarromins on. I know I paid so much for those limps to get rid of that 300 tarromin.
  12. Woot. So if i keep mine for 10 years it will be worth 10M sets of guthan?
  13. I can trade my p hat to a new account, but I wont, because I know the jail guards at draynor even can 3 hit me.
  14. The best rsn ever is pker123. Ahh the genericness. "E I E I O" best ive seen. Dude id my herbs for me when I had 10 herbby too.
  15. yeah i tried that while cannoning daggs for slayer. doesnt work
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