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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Combat skills: Att:80 Str:80 Def:77 Rang:77 Pray:60 Mag:78 HP:81 Summ:42, currently working towards 68(for bunyip) the rest of the comb skills slowly working up with slayer, within 10k for str lvl and 15k for def lvl. My gear includes full veracs, full guthans, whip, dbow, d arrows, and common other gear from dragon weapons to rune armor to range gear to runes(got around 5k combat runes from barrows) and a good bit of pots from herb training. Also got about 2mill cash as of right now. My interests are kq, dags, gwds, and other big monsters that are hunted in small teams or partners up to big teams. If any other information is requested you can post here or message me. I get on anywhere from 2-7 days a week, from a hour to several hours each time i log in.
  2. when there going down is the BEST time to get them you don't want to buy when there going up..... but the prices will go back up, especially around the holiday they were released they seem to jump up.
  3. in varrock castle, under the stairs, there is a zammy mage in a cage. Use curse on him. he has high mage def, and if it does succeed, he will almost always be healed by the second cast (you will get one cast saying he has been affected or whatever, then next one will work).
  4. answered one of these not to long ago... You never stop burning monks, at high lvls its like 1-2 out of 1k monks cooked. Also, gaunts have no effect on monks unless if they have changed it, but i doubt jagex has.
  5. ok, i have been reading a few guides on dag kings, and i was wondering why do the majority say use slayer dart. But i'm sure Ice or blood spells or even charged god spells would work better than slayer dart. i want to say because of the rumor that the spell isn't effected by mage bonus or maybe cost effectiveness, but the dag kings isn't something you usually do on a budget :-k anyone else think of any another reason to use slayer dart on them instead of a more powerfull spell?....
  6. short term- yes, it is possible for you to lose money long term- it is impossible according to the laws of the economy for you to lose money, maybe make no profit but you won't lose money. so, if you plan on keeping it, then there is nothing to worry about
  7. if i remember right there is 3 things that lower the dragons firebreath max dmg protect from mage antifire shield antifire pot and any 2 of these combined make it immune to it to where it does no dmg. atleast thats what i'm pretty sure it is.
  8. nooo it has no effect on accuracy just max hit.
  9. the dharok is diff by it will always work depending on how low your hp is. The lower the hp the higher you CAN hit, not how often you will hit.
  10. just found it, this can be locked..... it seems everytime i post i find it out >< and thank you (posted right before i posted this)
  11. Anyone know where the limestone is at? i can't seem to find it, and didn't feel like going to mortania for a couple of limestones. the construction guide just says east of varrock, and i have walked up and down it twice.
  12. i have been working on this for like 15mins on this one part. I just got the disk from the brim guy and it says in the guide i need to exchange if i don't have the right one. So i put 3 things in the exchanger, and i press change disc, it gives me back my disc and says i must put a disc in. Then i tried putting them in and pressing the green button. It says i need to press the exchange button, but i can't find one that says that. Also, i tried looking for a pic on the guide, but they don't have a pic of this machine. nvm this can be locked i just figured it out.
  13. personally, i would use the chaos for bolts against either blue drags or metal drags Bloods are good for extra money, fun things (like pc, cws, quest bosses for the stronger spells.)
  14. put it simple, you would get tore apart on monkey madness. i had 50 something def and full rune on when i did it, and i had to tele off the island 3-4 times cause i had to have food. i was using swordies though. But the monkeys deal a lot of dmg to you, esp the one when you are getting out of the jail and he throws you back in, and then theres a spider ran out of the exit who is always poising you every time you get it out. It is possible to get pass that guard though on first try...but wasn't for me...it took 10-15 attempts. And then in the tunnels i went in with invent full, first time had to tele out and second time i barely made it. Simply put, i don't think the quest would be possible at 1 def unless you had a high prayer lvl, ton of prayer pots, and high food you might get lucky, but i doubt it. i was below
  15. i knew it was 1 or 2 out of something >< personally, not that high so i wouldn't know just from what i read and heard.
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