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  1. >telling people on 200m skills thread to vote yes on something that would render 200m skills completely useless
  2. Yea you're right. I did just that and I'm very happy with my life now. I won't hold an anti-jagex speech here but I chose a good time to stop worrying about xp, the only thing that kept me hooked, as now you can get fast free xp left and right and it's absolutely nothing like when I last played. Slayer has also effectively been abolished the way I liked it. I got a month of members for some credit I had to use anyway and I'm mostly trying to do the quests that have been released in the 1.5 years I haven't been playing.
  3. I actually feel sorry for people like Water for the sheer volume of Jagex'd that they just have gotten. I no longer care about my hiscores from a personal viewpoint, but it's still completely ridiculous, and like many other people I have made my thoughts known in no uncertain terms on the HLF. No hall of fame ever gets cleared when someone stops being actively involved and you would be stupid to think otherwise, or naively believe that the reason is to "give everyone in the active community a chance". Well, I certainly won't be blackmailed into paying any sum of money to keep my ranks there whether it was one cent or one thousand, I just hope that this will finally make people realise that it's not worth it to slave achievements on this game where you will no longer exist once you stop paying your monthly fee for any reason..
  4. Clearly that's what I meant, all I'm saying is there is no need to encourage people to do something that's affecting them negatively. I am someone who likes changing people step by step, and I was able to stop so easily when I realised I played too much because I let a number of things affect me, not really because RS was going to bring me down when I didn't care much for the last couple years. But go ahead and patronise all you want, I was always anti-taking-rs-too-seriously and laughed at the talk about ticks and efficiency. Occasionally when I play with the thought of casually playing RS I quickly run into the following problems: 1) I wouldn't have time for it anyway 2) It was fun in 2006, not 2011
  5. hope not tbh I don't know about you, but I would normally encourage people to get rid of their addictions. I know Tg in real life, he is absolutely a great bloke and one of these people who is just too good to be playing RS, and I'm sure he knows that :P
  6. Try not to delve into that. I just heard somewhere that happy people can be separated from unhappy people by the fact that unhappy people are always stuck thinking about their past, and realised how true this is. I know I've myself been happier than ever during the past month or so, despite the fact I have difficult exams to prepare for, and in retrospect I find the mistakes and bad decisions I make in life always function as lessons that had to be learnt before finding the right path. Also, good decision. That's why I couldn't just keep members solely to get 200m farming or something, had to get it out of my system completely.
  7. Very good call, now stick to it. =D> My p2p just ran out yesterday, and you won't see any more xp gains from me either.
  8. I spoke with Jdelacroix at Runefest and I'm fairly certain he's male and American. :mrgreen:
  9. Military service is compulsory in Finland, I haven't had the chance to talk to him about how he is dodging it but if he for some reason doesn't manage to get past it then he could be facing a little trouble, otherwise if he doesn't have to worry about money and housing I trust he will make it, his process so far is without parallel among the rest of the players.
  10. I'm going to make a small announcement now that I've held onto the most overall xp title for a year. I haven't found Runescape so interesting for a while anymore, due to a combination of the way this game is heading, overplaying, and different things to set my mind on. There was a time some years ago (around when I was going for 200m strength without rapier, turmoil, extreme pots, effigies) when I thought I could keep playing this possibly until 200m in all skills. The downfall started for me when Jagex started pumping out the abovementioned assets, culminating in the effigy update that devalued incredible amounts of work for people who had been playing since before that. Since then, Jagex' failing efforts to gain more paying members with bonus xp weekends, free trade and such, eventually leading the way to the RS we see today, where more than half of the accounts online at any given time are bots. My main point isn't even crying about Jagex though. Over the years I've overplayed myself, sometimes at the cost of more useful activities, but burning out in general happens eventually, and these days I certainly feel that getting out of my room is a higher priority than playing a game where I've done everything there is to do but still keep going at it. I stopped exercising for a few years because I've always been healthy with or without it, but I've started up going to the gym and running again since last summer and now that I don't feel compelled to log into RS, I'll also be sure to make the most out of the outdoor sports activities over the warm season. It may seem like a far-fetched concept if you've been sitting on your ass your entire life, but there is nothing quite like the pleasure from exercise when you are on the right track. So I am no longer going to be focusing on RS, I've currently settled with my daily tree run and a bit of afking ivy, which is merely a way to pass some time while doing other things on the computer and I really couldn't care less about the xp anymore. With summer comes my severe inactivity as I go spend more time outside and travel, after which I'll begin with my new studies in the autumn and hopefully a new direction in my life. My previous studies turned out not to be the thing for me at all, which is partially why I ended up using RS as a scapegoat. There are always underlying reasons for people grinding this game so excessively - nobody does it purely because it's fun and exciting, not for longer than a certain period of time. Going by the general sentiment I've gotten from many people over time, many more of your 'contenders' could also eventually be expected to join the quitters. I am thinking about still keeping members until I can reach 200m farming (roughly a year from now assuming I don't skip farm runs) although if I no longer feel like logging on even for 15 minutes I'll just stop whenever. I will certainly continue hanging out in chats to keep in touch with my amazing clan, many of whom I've met in real life anyway. So yeah, that's it for now. I'm not quitting straight away - I just wanted to post this to clear some things up and hopefully add my two cents to get some other people reconsider their position on how seriously they want to take the game, which seems to reach quite unbelievable proportions when browsing through this topic, for example.
  11. Ye but I'm playing Minigolf with him right now to slow him down :thumbsup: (Kidding about the last part)
  12. He is 38938549386934869597854586934869358753987397835987987395783597 aka Lts too emuslayer ninja To avoid going too far off-topic, Suomi is currently the only person I can realistically see getting 5b (unless something forces him to stop in the coming few years). If exp still gets significantly faster this situation could change, but many players cannot realistically say 200m all is their goal due to uncertainty when it comes to real-life situations and the fact that burning out does happen.
  13. I strongly support this notion
  14. As requested: "Highest Lowest skill" top. Season has recently reached 20m base, few changes otherwise. 1. 36,481,956 : Zarfot (Fishing) 2. 28,395,203 : Allie (Fishing) 3. 26,120,686 : Squall (Agility) 4. 25,035,471 : Zephymastyx (Hunter) 5. 23,522,395 : Rach (Agility) 6. 23,437,492 : Kingduffy (Construction) 7. 22,792,750 : Da Broman1 (Prayer) 8. 22,055,359 : Auss (Hunter) 9. 21,787,067 : Pope712 (Mining) 10. 21,472,122 : Elvis (Fishing) 11. 20,845,577 : Mrs Tabs (Prayer) 12. 20,676,131 : Zero Max (Prayer) 13. 20,524,067 : Kngkyle (Mining) 14. 20,476,552 : GM (Prayer) 15. 20,455,565 : Svc-Shh279 (Prayer) 16. 20,352,916 : Critchers Uk (Prayer) 17. 20,091,801 : Season (Agility) 18. 20,072,840 : Dardan (Smithing) 19. 20,029,340 : Supersongoko (Slayer) 20. 20,004,558 : Toadkiller D (Slayer) Virtual levels: 1. 2941 : Allar 2. 2915 : Zarfot 3. 2910 : Elias 4. 2904 : Telmomarques 5. 2902 : Elvis 6. 2879 : Jdelacroix 7. 2877 : Kingduffy 8. 2851 : Lan 9. 2834 : S U O M I 10. 2828 : Tezz 11. 2818 : Pope712 12. 2817 : Season 13. 2804 : 8 No Lifer 14. 2803 : Dapledo 15. 2801 : Da Broman1 16. 2799 : Kngkyle 17. 2793 : Green098 18. 2793 : Number1 Boss 19. 2790 : Erw J 20. 2784 : 1 Eye Viper 21. 2783 : Tg 22. 2783 : Piddy10 23. 2783 : Merlin Emrys 24. 2779 : Squall 25. 2778 : Paperbag 26. 2768 : Auss 27. 2764 : Bryce 28. 2762 : Brad Ownesu 29. 2760 : Allie 30. 2758 : Hurt Goat
  15. Yeah I saw that. I'm actually quite liking being able to go under the radar. Even though according to Jagex I am maxed lol. I'll get 50m pray tomorrow and might try 50m hunt afterwards for 20 50m skills. Don't have very high interest in RS atm though.
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