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  1. please someone post stats of the melee armour plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. I'm not the best at these lists so dont get mad if I misrank someone... Clan Rankings: 1] Damage Inc. (DI) - Well, What do ya know :lol: 2] Gladiatorz (Gladz) - Need to get more wars 3] Zeonic Force (ZF) - Got potential but need to war the gladz. 4] The Dynasty (TD) - Won quite a few wars 5] Anarchy (Anarchy) - Loooots of people... 6] Black Knights (BK) - Pretty 1337 with high levels 7] Mystic Knights (MK) - Good People, decent levels 8] The Empire (TE) - Declined slightly from before but still good 9] The Runescape Warhungers Fediration (TRWF) - Dont hear much 10] 'THE' Clan (THE) - it's the clan but it needs to be more active 11] Dark Slayers (DS) - Growing fast but has flamers... 12] Clan Jaguar (Jagz) - Have gone almost inactive 13] Rune Raiders (RR) - Lots of people, good turnout 14] Exercitum (EXER) - Still good, but not sure if they belong here 15] RuneScape Forsaken (RSF) - Not bad from what I've heard 16] Legendary Crew (LC) - Decent levels but had dirty mouths 17] Death Row (DR) - Lots of people, fairly active 18] Legendary Knights (LK) - Lots of people, often underrated 18] Corruption (Corr) - Havn't heard all that much from them 19] Echo Of Silence (EoS) - Lots of people, dunno much more 20] The Titans (Titans) - Decent levels, organized PKers Honorary Mentions: FEAR (Fear) - Underated. Lots of members, high potential Demonic Empire (DE) - Beat DL, they should war FEAR also DragonWood (DW) - Seemed to have gone down but used to be stronger Demonic Legendz (DL) - They're ok, have bad rep but they not too bad The Devils (Devils) - Used to be much stronger, dunno what happened Black Dragons (BD) - Duno much about them FireBirdz (FBz) - Honorable members but not all rune... Rivendell (RD) - Havn't heard much from them for a loooooong time Knights of Honor (KoH) - Dunno much on them As of best clan community, I'm not a clan hopper so I wouldn't know, but I do like the Titans clan community, that's all that I really think I have the authority to say for now.
  3. Count me in! :D :P Proud Founder of the Titans Clan
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