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  1. ...noobs :? That would be completely [developmentally delayed]ed considering there is no bronze to rune dibbers. ALL THEY DO IS MAKE HOLES IN PATCHES, new metal wouldn't change how good the holes are lol...
  2. This isn't new, it has been there for a few months, there are eggs incubating in the lava. About the coin to tokkul exchange...why...it would make the game easier. You just want cheap obby stuff cuz your to lazy to work for it the right way. Why does everyone want the game to be so easy? That would be really stupid. ~Jerem~
  3. Not everyone is nice, and lots of people find it easier to take it out on people on the internet because you can't really do much back to them. But I'm tired of the noob crap...oh will you buy my rune long 40k?...You politely say no, and then you get called a noob? I do find that there are more jerks on F2P then on P2P though.
  4. Special Thanks to Chaosvuistje! Requirements: 42 agility 45 crafting 50 smithing 40 ranged no items are needed Quest Requiremts: Pirate's Treasure (Dragon312) Rum Deal (Dragon312) Starting Point: Speak with Bill Teach in the pub in Port Phasmatys Red dot indicates Starting Point. I didn't see any real quest marker. Guide: 1. Bill Teach will ask you to join him as his crew. Agree to help him out and keep your word. His ship is the most eastern ship on the docks. 2. Once on the boat, speak with Bill again to see an entertaining cut scene. Speak with Bill again afterwards. 3. Bill asks you to disable the enemy's cannon. Go inside the ships hull using the ladder. Go to the Gun Locker and get a fuse. Go to the Repair Locker and get a rope. Also, grab a tinderbox in the south eastern area of the ship. Climb up a net to get up on the mast. Use your rope with the mast and you will automatically be swung across the boat (if you fail your energy is drained but no damage is taken). Locate the cannon with a near by gun barrel. Use your fuse with the barrel and then the tinderbox with the fuse. Cannon destroyed! Return to Bill. (note, if you don't have a rope, at this point you can get one on the enemys' ship where you entered the ship from) 4. Talk with Bill again, he wants you to loot the enemy's ship. Swing over like previously stated, but this time go down into the enemys' ship hull. Go all the way opposite the end where you entered. You can steal plunder from the Chest, you can loot a nearby crate and barrel. Chest - 3 plunder Crate - 2 plunder Barrel - 1 plunder After you get a total of 10 plunder, return to your ship. Go down into the hull and Store-Plunder in the eastern chest. Return and talk to Bill. 5. Now you have to fix the holes in the hull. Goto the Repair Locker and get a hammer, 6 repair planks, 30 taks, and 3 swamp paste. Simply click on the leaks to repair them. Click them again to water proof them. Go talk to Bill again. 6. After speaking with Bill again he wants you to kill some of the enemy's crew. First you have to fix the cannon. Repair the cannon and get the broken barrel. Go down into the ship hull and get a new Cannon Barrel from the Gun Locker. Use it on the cannon stand on deck and speak to Bill again. He explains how to fire the cannon, go down into the hull and get a Ramrod, a fuse, and a Cannister. Go back to the cannon and get several gun powder piles next to the cannon. To fire the cannon at the crew: a. Use the Ramrod with the cannon to clean the barrel b. Use some Gun Powder with the cannon barrel c. Use the Ramrod again with the cannon barrel to pack the powder d. Use a Cannister with the cannon barrel e. Use a Fuse with the cannon barrel d. FIRE! If you miss return to step a If you run out of supplies you can go get more. Now go back and talk to Bill on deck. 7. Now you need to sink the ship now that there is no crew. Bill will explain that you do the same thing as you did to kill the crew but use cannon balls instead. a. Use the Ramrod with the cannon to clean the barrel b. Use some Gun Powder with the cannon barrel c. Use the Ramrod again with the cannon barrel to pack the powder d. Use a Cannon Ball with the cannon barrel e. Use a Fuse with the cannon barrel d. FIRE! If you miss return to step a When the ship is sunk you should see a cut scene. You will end up traveling to an island (Mos Le'Harmless). 8. Quest Complete! Reward: 7000 smithing exp 7000 agility exp 7000 crafting exp Book o' Piracy. Talk to Bill again to get 10k coins. About the island: To talk with people on the island you will need the Book o' Piracy. BUT you can still use the bank there without it. There are several stores and places of intrest on the island. Charely's Fishing Store - nothing new, just some fish Dodgy Mike's Second Hand Clothing - for all your funky pirate fasion Smith - he sells scimitars and cutlasses (found on the docks, TALK to him to buy cutlasses) Mama's Pub - sells Braindeath Rum, stew, beer, and wine Joe's Pub - sells Braindeath Rum, stew, beer, and wine Smith's cutlasses are UNTRADABLE. Cutlasses are quite unique, they offer offensive and defensive stats. Though they aren't very powerfull they do look cool :D All of Mike's pirate cloths are TRADABLE. The pirate clothing comes in several diffrent colors of legs, shirts, and bandanas. But only one style of pirate boots. Also have fun talking with the locals. Some of them have some funny stories to tell you! Excellent Guide - Added island name and Stickied - Well done !! - Albosky
  5. u dont need to be a jerk...this information is correct you just didnt read it... u need 1 round and 1 flat and 1 strectched hide. you must have a reading problem... And I got my guide with my name on it, I will update it shortly. Sal took one look at relized i was not lieing and slapped my name on it :D [/code]
  6. Im sorry guys im not going to edit the main topic right now. Someone STOLE my guide and said they wrote it on Sals Realm if anyone knows what site that is. Look at this url, I bet everyone will agree this was clearly my work but my name is no where to be found! http://runescape.salmoneus.net/waterbirth_isle.html As soon i recive credit for my work I will make a huge update on the main topic. EDIT: And i just noticed somthing, other then the layout and style of EVERYTHING that is the same about the two guides, the world Skullk is supposed to be Skull, it was a typo on my part and he just copied it right over to Sals Realm. BTW this isnt Sals Realm's fault, im not angry at them, im mad at Nukeown (he claims to have writtin this guide) mostly. I dont know what half and hour contributed so I cannot be mad at him.
  7. dude ur not understanding it...im saying the rock crab ATTACKS you with melee... lol i never said anything about what to attack with
  8. This is my guide to the new dagganoth armour, it can now be found on Sal's Realm of Runescape as well and no I didn't steal it I wrote it. Getting Started There are a few things you'll need to know before even starting out. Requirements You must have already completed the Fremennik Trials Quest in order to make the new armor. However, you don't need to complete the quest to get to Waterbirth Island. Also, you should have the ability to defeat level 88, 90, 98 and 137 monsters. It's recommended to have at least level 43 Prayer so that you can use Protect From Melee to defend against the Dagannoths. What You Need You should bring a partner with you if you wish to have access to some of the different areas of the dungeon. The following equipment are also very helpful: Armor - Rune, Dragon, Barrows, Dragonhide; whatever suits you. A Dragon weapon of better. Food - this is a must! Potions - Prayer Restore and stat-boosting potions are especially useful if you're a lower level. Waterbirth Island First off, you should complete the Fremennik Trials Quest. You'll get free passage to the island, and you'll even be able to make the new armor. If you've already done that, you're good to go! Head to Rellekka and speak to Jarvald on the far west dock and he will bring you to Waterbirth Island. Once you arrive there, follow the path there until you find the dungeon entrance, marked by a (!) on your map. Monsters The Waterbirth Island Dungeon provides some new monsters that you must defeat if you wish to obtain some new armors. They are as follows: Dagannoth [level 90] - Drop Dagannoth Hides They attack you with melee-based attacks. These next monsters are behind the gates. To gain access and get behind the gates, you must stand on one switch while your partner stands on the other switch. Giant Rock Crab [level 137] - Drop Rock Shell pieces and Rock Shell gloves and boots. They attack you with melee-based attacks as well. Wallasalki [level 98] - Drops Ribcases, and Fibulas, as well as Skull and Skeletal gloves and boots. They attack you with magic-based attacks. Dagannoth [level 88] - Drops Stretched, Flat, and Round Hides, as well as Spiny gloves and boots. They attack you with range-based attacks. Making the Armor If you plan on making the armor, you need to have completed the Fremennik Trials Quest. If you have already done it, you can make these armors, provided that you have the equipment to make them. Materials Needed For... Mage Armor: 6 Dagannoth Hides 1 Ribcase, 1 Fibula and 1 Skull 25,500gp Melee Armor: 6 Dagannoth Hides 1 Rock Shell Chunk, 1 Shard, and 1 Splinter 25,500gp Ranged Armor: 6 Dagannoth Hides 1 Round, 1 Flat, and 1 Stretched hide 25,500gp How to Make It To make the armor you want, you need to speak to different people. All of these people are located in Rellekka and you must be a Fremennik to get them to make it for you. Peer the Seer: Makes Mage Armor - outside the puzzle room Skulgrimen: Makes Melee Armor - helmet shop Sigli: Makes Ranged Armor - at the entrance Stats & Pictures Mage Armor Attack: Magic: +16 Ranged: -19 Defense: Stab: +67 Slash: +56 Crush: +80 Magic: +28 Range: +0 Melee Armor Attack: Magic: -57 Range: -19 Defense: Stab: +163 Slash: +163 Crush: +149 Magic: -11 Ranged: +0 Ranged Armor Need Picture Send in yours =) Attack: Magic: -31 Range: +29 Defense: Stab: +68 Slash: +56 Crush: +78 Magic: +34 Range: +62 Credits: Written by Jeremy Yak Special Thanks To: Half an Hour and the_geno Thanks To: Paw_Claw, lavamancer20, and sannibannie
  9. no, i mean a tech border, hold on i will find an example Edit: I got it nevermind
  10. I need help with my sig boreder. Can u do it with Paint Shop Pro? Any know where a tutorial is for PSP bordering?
  11. Jaguar beat me to it, nvm
  12. Here are some sigs have have for sale, check back Im always working :D , you offer resonable low price. Name: Blue 01 Name: Green 01 (ps, jeremy yak will also be removed from the bottom)
  13. how is the one? BTW it says sample all over it when it starts, i will remove on payment...if i win contest anyway =)
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