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  1. In this day and age, pretty much what he said is the basic, anything less than that and you would be EXTREMELY lucky to get any kills at all
  2. thanks, the Bank is about 83-85m, ill post an Items on death screeny now.
  3. Well, I normally do have a slayer helm but I pulled it apart to do a price check but forgot to put it back together. Thanks for the good rates guys, keep em coming :thumbsup:
  4. Well here it is, after 5 years finally maxed melee 99 Defence, Maxed Melee, 135 Combat BoB [spoiler= Best of Bank (large pictures)] Rate/Hate
  5. Brilliant job mate, 1b exp is just wow... 10/10, AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!
  6. Yes, claws can be quite a powerful special weapon, but as far as I am concerned in pvp/bh it is simply far too easy to lose them, pick up any piece of pvp statues/icons worth 100k+, and if you die with both the statue and claws, goodbye 35m.
  7. Nice job mate, congrats on 99 hp and good luck with any further goals you have.
  8. Also have 2 ranging ammies lol, but what I mean is that's all the drops ive had in the past 300k defence exp, I'll try and make that clearer.
  9. Hey everyone, been a while since I made a rate this so here goes 98 Defence and Stats (missing are, 69 con, 59 hunt, 88 summ) Best of Bank (approx 90m) And a tab im keeping all of my slayer drops until 99 defence in (this is roughly 300k defence exp worth of drops) Rate/Hate but be nice :thumbsup:
  10. Dude Congrats and if you look closely that's me in the top left corner of the pic in the prossy lol, was wondering if you were a tifer 95/100
  11. My worst was a while ago, dharoking fire giants in the smoky well with melee prayer on (constant 1hp) and I got dc'd. Rs logged me back in automatically and I got 1 hit by a giant, died, got to entrance of well and dc'd again, lost dh helm, fury, z ring, fire cape and d boots.
  12. Very nice guide J3benice12, well written and very in depth, 1 suggestion for the dharok part, it's impossible to kill yourself with unidentified potions/nitroglycerin and other items of that type (that damage you), you simply get to 3hp and then no more damage is dealt. Just thought I would mention that, I reckon it would make dharoking the barrows much more fun and alot faster at 3hp than 25+.
  13. I got my first fire cape on the old jad, and I got perm banned the same day, 2 weeks later got unbanned and had it for a little while, then died while dhing when I dc'd, got my second cape earlier this year and have hardly taken it off since :thumbsup: .
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