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  1. I agree with flammacor to a certain extent. The tip it article presents a view, but it is a biased one, albeit his opinion. A good article contains consideration of all points of view to make the reader allow to deduct his own conclusion.
  2. This article has logical point, yes. However, the writer fails to realise that it is enforced into human code that we should effectively have an honour system. Its like saying, if you are in a fight (in an actually physical fight, due to some conflict etc ) , whats wrong with hitting the person you are fighting where it hurts, or if your a guy, whats wrong with hitting a girl? Following the supposed "honour code" in the wildy leads to greater self fulfilment: it takes more skill to fight and time a ko than to pj and farcast. If items are the only thing your interested in, in rs, then fine, but having honour does win you respect.
  3. At the point which i hopped, i went to world 6, and what a surprise , no one was there, i stayed there until the system update, and at that point i had to log off, was prolonged because i had to do something, however when i logged back in to w6, there was someone there, and as i said, i dont crash worlds, so i went to world 2, and you were still there, when i first logged in i had no intention of luring you, but there i saw, the people who had forced me out, and flamed me, so i thought i might decide to take justice into my own hands, yes granted, im a crap lurer, but it was the only way for justice to take its path. If pinnochio or w/e his name is had a lower mage level than me, and i was getting the kills, either you would have hopped, or you would have lured me, so in that respect, you are logically flawed.
  4. then your just one of those er.. odd people who thinks crashing is acceptable, and luring crashers is not. In the opinion of most dkers i know, if someone crashes their world, then it is acceptable to lure them, because they have forced you out, so therefore you have the right to force them out, also someone has posted a pic of panetto himself luring, as well as him stated he is going to start doing it in one of his more recent posts. Previously i am glad to say that i have NEVER EVER crashed someones world, and NEVER EVER lured, with the exception of people crashing me
  5. I went to world 6 after , full world and no one else was there, i stayed until the system update, and then had to go for a bit, so i thought id crash your world again as you did unto me. Your spoke first and your words were " im sorry but im going to have to lure you". Anyway lol, i dont often have to lure, only those who crash my worlds, is it therefore a compliment to be told i am crap at luring. yeaaaaaaa right :roll: There is no such thing as skill in runescape lol.. well, maybe 0.05%, its all down to how much you play, and a bit of luck. Its obvious that someone who does king dags more often is gonna be better. I will ignore the rest as that is pure flaming, it is the fool who resorts to flaming once he has been proven wrong.
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