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  1. He prolly rushed over all excited.. picked up bones n legs.. then realised he needs to make pic and dropped them :P I still do that somtimes at King Dags Nice drop i got a d legs 2 days ago :)
  2. 1) We hopped worlds 3 times and people on each.. at this time of the day theres only a small number of worlds with more than 1000 people. You are greedy to have a FULL world to yourself when your solo maging, totally wasting prime and supreme.. 2) You instantly stated to lure on us, even though your crap and cant lure properly.. finally hopped then came back an hour later to lure some more.. absolute pathetic 3) I had well over 200 d axe drops, these ones are only since December when i restarted rs.. i had way more posted on Runescape community last year.. 4) I work for a living, unlike most parasidic losers that play rs, therefore your logic of i play this game way to much is flawed, i dont play much.. im just good at it.. so when i do play i make cash easy. 5) You are a gimp and yes so are most of the people on this forum 6) I no longer care what anyone thinks of me.. hell i might just start luring for the fun of it now.. since nobody even cares when people do it to me.. And when i try posting names or screenshots on here the corrupt admins delete it and threaten to ban me So you know what.. [bleep] it.. and [bleep] you.. gimp
  3. Been walkin around this city for 45 mins Im telling you theres no guy called Barlak Theres a guy called Bartak but bones dont work on him.. Nevermind i found him!
  4. The bones wallaskis drop are used along with cash+daggonoth hides to make Skeletal armor The Fibula(long bone) is skeletal legs The Ribcage(Ribs) is skeletal body The Skull(skull) is skeletal helm
  5. I killed 150 trolls for a slayer task earlier today. On around the 138th kill i got a 'Long Bone' drop and wondered what it was, i didnt bury it incase it was somthing new. So i go take it to Barlek in Dorghshuun do i? And does anyone know how much prayer exp is given if buried?
  6. Updated March 21st 2007: 99 Range (No pics) More DK drops: 4 archer, 1 axe, 3 muds, 2 zerkers
  7. I think what you will find. That we 'politely' asked you to leave, which is always my motto. I will ask nice just once as once is all a person needs to be told. If you dont do as i ask when im being nice i will glady do all i can to make you hop/tele. As its easier for 1 person to hop rather than 3. And after 5 mins of you refusing we then decided to make you. Worked didnt it.. And i think we had a very nice loot on that trip thanks:)
  8. w00t just hit 99 range after 3 days training from 94.. pics coming soon :)
  9. yeah your name rings a bell but doesnt matter whether hes had a million axes, gives money to charity and donated blood.. a lurer is still a lurer.. and so the guy is a class A [bleep].
  10. very nice thanks for the info might do the quest now :P
  11. AFK training is not literally meaning away from computer. It more relates to being able to train on Runescape without having to be constantly clicking or looking at the screen. For example: I am currently training on monkey skeletons inside Ape Atoll dungeon. I have 10k red chinchompas and 20 super restores, my prayer level is high enough for me to keep melee protect on constantly aswell as wearing items that yield a high prayer bonus. This way i can sit here writing this, while my guy is now pounding 300k exp per hour on them monkeys! I have to click on the screen once every 3 mins maybe just to ensure hes still ok and to maybe drink a dose of p pot if needed. The same applies when i afk train with slayer dart inside King Daggonoth lair, i just attack rex, go read some forums or watch wrestling then click back on to see what loot rex dropped.
  12. And Apcrumpo.. the mage stuff is apparantly like 350-450k per set! But i cant be bothered to sell 30 sets on forums or on world 2. So i found a merchanter and sold all the sets 200k ea. I think i made 6m.. sold them to Lodve ;p
  13. Thanks Tskolar But i know what i saw, like theres people who goto Kings with gear ready to slay them, and get angry when other mages or hybrids are there and try and ruin their trip by luring.. But then theres the real low scum people that just get luring gear at seers then come looking for people.. hopping worlds untill they find sombody. And this is what Zman did! I wasnt solo it was a 3 man trip, 2 other members of G.O.F were present as shown on the screenshot aswell! He came with rune helm(obvious lure item) with torags and crystal shield, no weapon so he wasnt intent on killing Daggonoths only luring. He went up and down the ladder many times, in the end my partners teleported and i went up the ladder, he went to a log spot and logged, most likly to find some other victims. What a sad loser, i find it impossible to believe he has a girlfriend unless shes a loser loving [bleep]!
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