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  1. Ooh, I see, thanks for the info : And sorry for putting in wrong forum, hehe :wall:
  2. Sorry in advance is this is the wrong forum :D I was playing C.W and I kept on hearing players say "stack" or "ip changer"..I don't exactly know what these terms mean and was curious because it was used more than once by more than one player, can anyone clarify what those 2 words mean? : Thanks!
  3. I hope the July BTS sheds some light on this :pray: Reading all the posts on this thread and the RSOF all end up to dead ends :x
  4. I'll be paying close attention to this thread and the one on the RSOF. This is very intriguing :shock:
  5. Thanks for the info BlueLancer, I've previously tried to update my driver card using that link, however once I'm downloaded it and started the program and it extracts the files, it gives me an error message. I've looked the error message up on the site and it told me to download driver updates from my computer manufacturer, so I went to the site of my manufacturer. The driver updates on my manufacturer site doesn't seem to improve my card much though. :cry: Hmm, all right then, I could still play and enjoy the game without AA then. \
  6. Hey Tip.Iters, I just got a small problem with anti-aliasing being incompatible. I'm on a laptop with a Intel Mobile IntelĀ® 945GM card installed directly on my motherboard and it has more than 64MB. My laptop has met the "1.5 GHz processor or higher" and "256MB of RAM or more" requirement. Also, when I look at my Direct Diagnostic Tool, it says that my AGP Texture Acceleration isn't available(if that helps). I think my card isn't powerful enough to support AA, but does anyone know if it's possible that it can? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :
  7. At the time when I was deciding on my first account, I really liked astronomy. My teacher also told me of a possible 10th planet, obviously, and I liked the name of it. Planet X. Original and simple :wink:
  8. Quest point hood, glory, cooking gauntlets, boots of lightness, and fire cape for me
  9. In the new recent update of Dorgesh-Kaan, my friend found a shortcut to the Kalphites. I didn't know the city was so deep and far out in the desert :shock: The shortcut is downstairs when you first enter the agility course. I looked through the forums to find a suitable place to post this...but didn't find any. Sorry if I overlooked it!
  10. I own: 1 rare 2 Skill Capes (Cooking, Quest)
  11. You should try making a guide on it, that'll be great :D Nice job on the map too, didn't realized how many places we can go...it looks huge now :shock:
  12. He can't, he'll just sink through all those pixels for all eternity :roll:
  13. Jagex has done a good job again :thumbsup: The world switcher is quite fast too
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