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    B-ball, Runescape, D 'n B, Metal, Table soccer, Friends.
  1. 0/10! 96-99 in 2days is slow tbh... (no sarcasm) :arrow: Just messing. grats you walka you ? :thumbsup:
  2. Grats. Nice level to have. Whats up with these noobs saying you can't camp abbies ? :? ''I bank every 30 kills, I'm pro :?:'' Jesus there are so many people who take rs WAY to serious!
  3. It's okay trip for sure but far from "epic"... 8/10
  4. You're proud for not using the best training method there is, lol ? #-o 90 ranged is pretty nice tho.. 6.5/10
  5. Blinky! :shock: Awsome bank and stats mate! How are you ? Haven't spoken to you in like 7 ages =(
  6. Pretty avarage drop wise... But still a nice first trip! 7/10
  7. Pfffff that ain't gud... 1/10 for you mister dam. (read 10/10)
  8. What the flippin F*** ? C'mon kohe, you're a great guy, why do somthing like this ? IT ARE FREAKING PIXELS... I really don't get this you're already rich, aren't you ? And you could have scammed me for about as much like 15 times... I guess this shows once again never trust anyone.. Not even your very close friends... Am i glad i quit this game... Sorry for the OT but I still cn't believe kohe would do somthing like this :s
  9. Nice! :) Maybe buy a veracs helm and some mage boots with the cash you made ? (If you're planing on more dk'ing that is...) 8.5/10
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