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  1. WHERE THE [bleep] HAVE YOU BEEN? Well, my dear friend, I thought I quit, and I did for...well close to a year. But last week I suddenly wanted to play, and now I've been [bleep]ing around in f2p and might actually start again. But because I've been away for this long, people changed their name. And according to my friends list, so have you. So if you see me online, spam me and we'll talk. =D
  2. Toast got a ni..-negro baby, haha, ha.
  3. Nice story, nice pictures, and nice luck. It was a very good read, can't rate anything below 10/10. :
  4. Something like this. 1) Complete my study. 2) Have children. 3) Own a house. 4) Skydive. 5) Hit Paris ánd Perez Hilton in the face with a crowbar. I'm sure 1 through 4 will happen. I'm now hoping to get a chance to do 5.
  5. i can't think of any other reason? Trying to be cool, I think that's the main reason why young people, kids, start smoking.
  6. Jagex will release a new skill, called Sailing. :roll: Anything, I hope the world will come to an end, that'll be fun. But probably nothing at all.
  7. I smoke because I like it, and that's the only reason.
  8. Cats, sleeping. I like it when my cat wakes me up, she's a fatty and just jumps in my face and stays there untill I move. Also water, I don't ever drink soda when I'm at home, just water.
  9. Okay so this is something that happened to me last night. I was at a friends, and I was about to go home. So we were talking, and he farted, it was a really gnarly fart (sort of scary actually), next thing I know there's a cat falling out of a tree, hits a decorative bucket and runs away. First we were looking at eachother, then we just laughed for 10 minutes straight. It was funny. :D
  10. which ones? Herpes and HIV, didn't tell him about the HIV. :oops: Teehee.
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