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  1. How? The quest has only been out 20 minutes. The quest start window has rewards in it.
  2. Is it just me or is Harold (the bloodveld-thing) invincible the last bit of his life? I had to kill him with deflects over a ~ 5 min period, missing every attack.
  3. I actually happen to have that exact power supply in my rig right now, and it's worked fine since December. The 24-pin motherboard connector cable is kind of short, but more than enough for my case. It comes with a bunch of stuff, including a pencil case (which I'm using now at school, only one guy has figured out what OCZ is). About the alternative PSU: I always say to get a good brand name, as a cheap one can decide to break and mess up your whole system. If you don't need the 50 watts or the $20, I'd say to go with the OCZ one. I'll just leave this article here: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/power-supply-oem-manufacturer,2913.html
  4. I've had the CM Storm for a couple years (69.99 on the list) and it's just about the best mouse I've ever used. The driver software is pretty fun to play around with, and it has lights you can change the colours of, though the other mice might have that too. Mice are fairly subjective, so make sure you can try out the mouse before you buy it or return it easily if you don't like it.
  5. Well, the fact that RS isn't working on multiple computers points to something either wrong with your connection or all of those computers deciding to not work all at once. Just so we can rule out the second option, do you have another connection you could use (friend's wi-fi, local library or school) to make sure it's not the computers? EDIT: when you look at your posts after you've posted them, there should be a "edit" button in the bottom-right corner. If you could use that instead of multi-posting, it'd be nice.
  6. I'd almost given up on my Did You Know? appearing in the Tip.it Times. Found that out while gearing up for updating the chaos elemental guide back a month or two ago, just in case anyone wanted some context.
  7. Op already says he only knows the TV is a samsung, not the model number. When kafei says "vendor" he means company that made your variation of the video card, like ASUS or MSI or something like that. DVI ports are rectangular, usually whiteish beige with a bunch of pin holes on the left, and a cross-like thing on the right. Some variates also have pins around the cross-thing. VGA is trapezoid-shaped, blue and has 15 pins.
  8. A google search shows that VGA cables technically no limit, so it is probably either your computer or the tv, but everything seems good on your computer's end. If you have another monitor kicking around, you should hook that up and see what happens. How are you trying to enable the higher resolution? You might have to play around a bit with your tv's settings to get it to work. Also, it'd be nice if we could have the name of the tv, so we can see if it's one of those derpy ones that likes to stay at a lower resolution even if it technically can do 1080p.
  9. Central, I think some still-sensitive family members wouldn't like a "dead" highscores list. It'd also be pretty unexciting as accounts would only be added, never leveling up. Just sayin'
  10. OR: To my family; I'm sorry I wasted spent all my money on online games, but now you can have the accounts to remember me by! Username: Pr0 h4x 901 Password: *censored* That would be a great troll.
  11. Yeah, but we talking about mystery boxes. For all I know there could be anything inside.... maybe a boat! It's useless crap most of the time though. Boats in mystery boxes?? SAILING!!!!111ONE!!! I always take the exp.
  12. I noticed that, but it was the cheapest 320gb drive anyways. The Hitachi cheap 1tb drive is only 5200RPM iirc, so would be a bad choice for a boot drive. You sure? The link seems to be broken (maybe because they bumped the price up $5), so I'll re-up it. The one linked there is 7.2k RPM. EDIT: seems the Egg doesn't like that link either. Search this on their site: HDS721010CLA332 Anyone willing to tell me how to use hide tags? This quote chain is kinda big.
  13. I'd just like to add that if you happen to have a soldering iron and some solder (or a store you could pick some up at) nearby, you might be able to resolder the connections without putting the card in your oven. GTS 450s are nice, I'm using one now (from zotac).
  14. Just a quick point- That hard drive is a 6gb/s model, which the motherboard doesn't support, so it'd run at 3 gb/s. Seems Samsung's spinpoint f4s have gone up by about $40 since last time I checked, so I can't reccomend that. I've heard good things about Hitachi's drives, and they have a pretty cheap terabyte drive with a 32mb cache, which is kind of like RAM for your hard drive. It's only $15 more for 3x the capacity. Go 64-bit or don't bother building, and you might be able to go without the optical drive for a month or two if you don't use game disks. As others have said, an extra hundred or two would go a long ways towards getting you a better computer.
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