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  1. So finally came back to runescape after a 3month long break decided to recover my account and did successfully it has members on it someone got me 99str and hp and i have about 20M in items. Changed the recoveries and password + ran a virus scanner overall i think this is deffinently a win on my part.
  2. Don't forget that purple phat you were gonna buy me awq :)
  3. IM currently leveling my rune/zerker pure and i was wondering what build i should go for if any of the following. I do have 29 prayer :\ but i have 1 range and 1 summoning. 60atk/85str/40def 85atk/99str/70def 95/99/75 IF anything the 2nd two are more or less just future goals. I would want my stats to be: 99atk/99str/45-75def/99mage/99range/99hp/1summoning.
  4. Hey guys, i was just wondering what would be the best for me to start staking. My current stats are: Attack 98/ Str 87 / Def 88 / HP 96 / Mage 93 / Range 90 I was wondering if it would just be best for me to get 99 attack str and def and just do boxing matches... or if i should get 99 atk 99 str and 90 def and do 1 hand melee no dungeoneering weps so i can use DDs + Whip or Vesta Long. Just give me some feedback so i can decide what to do when and if i comeback.
  5. Goodluck lbow, i see you almost everyday at w99 fally ivy. Im almost 200k exp from 99 wc myself and hopefully will be achieving tonight. Goodluck on your goals and ambitions.
  6. I've watched this thread for quiet sometime now as a observer and just thought i'd take the time to post as a fellow Diablo II player and say what you doing is amazing. Never would I of ever thought any would could achieve what you have by doing it all by thereselfs. If/When you reach max total i believe you will be the only person to say you did it all naturally. Congratulations man and keep up the good work. I'll be posting and observing alot more :D.
  7. Was just standing next to you at Ivy near fally W99 and you didnt even say Hi :cry:
  8. Yesterday did a Lvl 4 Elite Clue From: Daggonath Rex 1 Part was a 16 Pace Clue in Neiznot/Jastizo or however you spell it. The dig spot was located on the Island of Jastizo outside the west border of the city. Another Part of the clue was a 14 pace orb part in the Hunting area of pictoris that lead to the kebbit hunting area in the southeastern corner.
  9. [hide] The Dsq looks really awesome with gold trim, much better than having it spiked imo. And wow @ smelly gettin 3rd age druid! Nice one i didnt think anyone would be stupid enough to sell in the GE tbh lol, Doesnt looks as awesome as i thought it would however :angry: Does anyone else remember from when Mini-clip started advertising Runescape, they had images of a gold trimmed Dragon Sq shield? Interesting to see just how long it's taken for Jagex to implement it (we're talking I don't know...more than 3 years ago here). [/hide] Yeah, actually it was in 04 that miniclip was advertising runescape because that was the first time i played so nearly 6 years ago.
  10. [hide][/hide] Im the fella on the left
  11. Well, theres 3rd age prayer armor, it might give pray bonus, it would sorta be ironic if it didn't. also - there is Holy Range armor, could have some prayer bonus. Sorry, hadn't heard about the prayer armors just heard stuff about there being new prayer items. So thanks for clearing that up fellas.
  12. I've heard alot of discussion about new Prayer bonus items can anyone verify this?
  13. [hide=] That guy is about to jump into the river? [/hide] It says your in a hotzone, when your not even far enough into the wilderness?
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