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  1. If that's the way you wish to see it, but that's an extremely cynical view, IMO. If you are concerned about that, then you certainly wouldn't be the first to simply use their RS name and incorrect address, if you chose that path. Now, can we keep it to discussion of the principles of the petition, please?
  2. Were the 7% of 'No' voters represented, or even though about, when you had your discussion over the weekend deciding what exactly would happen? Can we have some form of confirmation that the way this referendum was carried out will be fixed in any future votes open to the wider player-base? (With regard to new accounts, multiple accounts, bias on the voting screen, lumping together of two updates etc.) Will the way different demographics voted in this referendum be released for analysts to ponder over? Will Jagex be taking a much sterner line with cheaters (RWTers, botters, hackers, scammers) etc. given how Mod Mark Gerhard admitted that they would become more of an issue? Will Jagex be willing to introduce Wildy-free worlds in the future? The sorts of abuse we've seen on the Runescape Forums from both sides of this debate seems to have reached unacceptable levels; will Jagex be taking more decisive action against those flaming and mindlessly insulting others in future?
  3. this is true, sharing spots is not always possible when people completely hog all the monsters. :cry:
  4. I absolutely agree, many people dont think before they do anything on runescape and dont realise that we're not just a load of pixels playing a game, we're humans! \
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