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  1. Actually it means nothing in Latin... Well sanguis means blood in lating even if sanguiston dosnt mean region of blood
  2. I personally blame Miss Schism she is hiding something maybe her draynor manor revival fudn is to uncover some evil magic within the manor
  3. The NPC's from the recruitment drive quest Sir Tinley - Certainly Sir Tiffy Cashien - Certification Sir Amik Varze - Ceramic Vase Sir Ren Itchood - Serenitude Ms Hynn Terpett - Misinterpret(sp?) Sir Kuam Ferentse - ? Sir Spishyus - Suspicous Lady Table- ? Miss Cheveers. - Mischevous
  4. Working with the penguins to become the first man into space
  5. You can see him in... Party Petes Ardougne zoo varrock library Castle Wars keldagrim pub The Ectofuntus area High level wilderness near rogues castle and thats all I think
  6. The secret passage is form the lost tribe quest
  7. You can use weed on pot then use a tinderbox to light it (the items used in rat catchers)
  8. When you use the cure platn spell on a dead plant it says somethig about death not being a disease in the chatbox.
  9. Theres one in lumbridge One on entrana One in that church south of port sarim and Oen on tutorial isle Thoses are the only oens i know of
  10. Male (human): Watchtower wizard (his hat is so cool) Female (human): Achieties (good looking in a runescape kind of way) Special (non human): Fatsie toady
  11. I havent cried when doing anything on runescape. But the fally guard cutscene from garden of tranquility put me of ever killing a guard again. (why do they not respawn in lumby like the rest of us :cry: ) (yeah i think I'm emotionally disturbed too)
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