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  1. Thanks. But, I worked out, the first thing I'm gonna do is make member cooking things, and see if they're worth it. If they're not, I'll try fletching or slayer, And maybe Hunter, [ If possible Agility, for the elf armour stuff, [ That elf stuff seems wicked! ] Lol ]
  2. Y'see, I'm worried that if I buy membership It'd be a waste! I'm getting it soon, and I'm Aussie [ I Know :? ] And it cost's more, So I wanna know what the best thing to do with membership is.... I Was thinking of Doing Farming, But, Now it seems lame! :roll:
  3. I Cant Thank You Enough. I Needed Help With That Demon Slayer, It Killed Me And I Lost Addy Scimi, And 12k. :x
  4. :D Lol Ty Guys! Another Thing About A Quest - :XD: When Do you get the saying in the demon slayer quest? [ Who says It, And when ] P.s Whats With The Anti RuneScape Sig?! :?:
  5. If you could possibly tell me quests that give good cooking / smithing exp please say it, And for the members one, seeing as I am getting members soon, Another with cooking / farming / Other. Tyvm --- Ray
  6. Lol Ty Guys. And Another Question, Where Do I Get Trimmed Armor?
  7. Where Can I Buy Warhammers In A Non Member World? [ I'd Rather A Black Warhammer, Or Addy ]
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