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  1. Yew longs sell, not sure on prices. Not hard to calculate.
  2. RayOxide


    Jagex didnt fix the conductor rod at all. 4 uses over 2. It may hit alot less, but it hits 2x more, which adds up to a rather large amount.
  3. Its only a waste if he/she plans on getting higher levels - if not, then he/she should just get 52 with all the charms.
  4. Thanks for the ideas :D. I like things being symmetrical*, so the portals that was is cool. Any others?
  5. Above about cbow is true. Its the same power as broad bolts, (+100 range strength). It's faster and only loses the use of a shield. I recommend it highly if you have it down to the 180k charges. Cheaper than adamant arrows and much much stronger.
  6. Right, thats a very quick (and fail) picture I made of the Ground level (<) and Upper level (>) of my house idea. I was wondering if I would fit most of the stuff in there? The ground floor has to be appealing to most people and the like. I coloured certain ones I want in certain ways. Basically the green is open grassy area, so a garden or formal garden. The dark grey is the dungeon The purple is the portal The light grey are rooms. I numbered them for people to help me create this ja? The only ones I want kept the way I want are "9" for the altar "10" for the portal "12" for the dungeon "2, 18" for the stairs upward to "22, 25" I have a few priorities though. I need two bedrooms. So they should go upstairs. Ehh, I think you should get the point. Another note is, for rooms I probably dont need but dont fit in the Ground level, I can always make more rooms on the Upper level. Any things are nice. Note my level will be 65 when I am finished, and I have a crystal saw and probably the +3 construction boosting tea. Another note, I want both the lecturns not just one. ;)
  7. Cockroaches are ok, Dried Zombies are pretty good, as are Kalphite soldiers.
  8. Broad bolts are as strong as addy and as accurate as mithril
  9. Got most of it. God coifs are better than archer, and is within your price. However range void is better for camping if you can be stuffed playing PC. Though, tbh if you havent played for 2 years theres no need to go back.
  10. Difference is cod brings more stuff, good or bad.
  11. Since your sig states you're more of a.. skiller initiate pure, you shouldnt have trouble making money(?). Basically the best things to do are use your lower level ones, mostly greens until Honey Badgers. Use most, if not all your crimsons on those. The real question is though, do you want to get higher summoning than 52, or just keep it there?
  12. I use UAV, Care and Predator >.> Only because I go psycho with a riot shield and tactical knife people with marathon, I dont really care and I'll die quicker than I want. So i may as well get something :D
  13. Greater demons would probably be faster, but cost more and probably wont profit, and even if it does, a cockroach run is pretty easily like 200k.
  14. Eh the toggling sig is maliciously slow. Err, I went to rs hiscores. For you, cockroach soldiers are probably the best since most others require 80+ melee, a heap of cash for gear, or higher slayer.
  15. Akimbo magnums or tactical knife magnum is sex. And what skully? Btw, I got an epic game winning kill on a very low level of the other throwing knife killed in a video a few pages back. I was using akimbo mags getting them up for tactical knife. I spawned and we had about 7200 points. I switched to my mags and turned around. I saw a guy on the other team kill my teammate while they were fighting, so I thought hmm easy magnum kill. I tried running to them but they saw me, shot me and i swiftly avoided the bullets somehow. I threw my knife expecting them to sidestep and they did. It was like a 20-25m throw ;D. People were like >:0! And the guy i killed left after the game :\
  16. Hijacking. You get the pages back right?
  17. Equal them all to 85 then make your own decision there. Though with high range, high def is nice
  18. I got thermal this weekend for my .50 cal and I was fairly disappointed be honest. It is really situational. Situations as in dark areas. And there are very little dark areas in MW2
  19. and half your concentration gone ;) OT: I would say either fishing or woodcutting, there's not much else (that i know of) ;) No it isnt lol. You lose no concentration if you leave the next word or number you want in your head.
  20. RayOxide

    Smash Club.

    Fyi, MK is not universally banned, hes banned at tournaments that make him banned. He is restricted almost everywhere.
  21. You do QQ a lot. So far I think you're the only person in this thread to have a problem with the game in the first week. Something about unfixed spawns and clans. Don't forget when everyone was playing WaW. You were screaming about a certain gun being overpowered and how you couldn't snipe because those gunners would just spray. Wat is qq. I dont qq. I have legit reasons to say what I say, which is basically the opposite of qq. Main problem is IW didnt deliver anything they said they would for multiplayer. I dont remeber Treyarch ever saying We're going to fix spawns. We're going to have every weapon class as equal as they can be. We're going to fix rifle grenades. No No No. And tbfh the only people who are going to disagree are the same people who think IW is the god company of all companies or people who just use akimbo smg and akimbo g18s. Hope they equalise some stuff or the map packs that get released will be sniper friendly ;-; O and im ready for getting spammed with crap for mw2 now. Steady aim in MW2 is kinda pointless over Ninja for certain things really, and scrambler is the worst perk yet. Anyway im going to try the M16 now.
  22. LOL. Oh no, 5 seconds taken off to click a button, and then another 20 to bank. 25 seconds wasted in roughly 5-7 minutes.
  23. Simple, Greater demons have a larger amount of possible drops than cockroaches, and maybe cockroaches just have a better drop rate?
  24. I tried it, finished the tutorial. Seemed like a good game but I decided to not play it due to it being like arcanists with the aiming, so I didnt wanna screw my skills up. Mayy just maaayyy pick it up though.
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