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  1. Fishing if you want that up levels, woodcutting is decent too, and as Joe said, smithing cannonballs and fletching. Usually arrows or bows
  2. SCAR is [email protected]@@! More [bleep] heads on MW2 online than I could ever imagine. 9/10 times I say something like bs kill they say crap like "cry more", "qq", "leave [email protected]" Is AA the best shotty or what? I'm level 39 or something atm.
  3. Whats a good outfit with the crafting cape(untrimmed)? Ive tried a few but none really look that nice
  4. Choose where you spawn. Lol. Tactical Insertion? The massive waste of a Claymore/Nade slot and easily screwed by any explosive or player that sees it? :l... Im on PC, i join a game wiht my friend and im rarely on his team when its like 4 ea team, i go on the other.
  5. RayOxide


    Unless they updated Conductor Rod since the massive nerf, a shot about the length of a vine bridge = max.
  6. IW didnt give what they said. Fixed spawns? No. I spawn in [bleep]ing airstrikes all the time. Less clans? No. Big problem here, 4 people in a clan call all be in the same team 8/10 times, but I cant be in the same team as my [bleep]ing friend even 2/10 times -.-
  7. Akimbo's ok for non-spray gun. Too bad most of them are sprayable and are waay too broken. Akimbo Magnums are good, and are more fair since they arent sprayable and stuff, and its slow =s But sprayable G18s and stuff. YAY. :l
  8. It's nice, but why cant we use the Accolades(?) instead of emblems and titles? It could have instead of the title, the accolade name, and as the emblem, the accolade and the number in the corner?
  9. You can finish an inventory faster with mith >.<
  10. I havent found anything more annoying than campers with scavenger and akimbo weaps. ... IW [bleep]ed up.
  11. ^Not sure but if you superheat I think mith bars are better xp(?)
  12. Diamond bolt enchanting. Onyx bolt enchanting -> alching if you want when you get the level. Note the prices might be wacky, so it might not be so good. Also, when doing a stackable one (Stun, Bolts, Alching) you can use a Macaw (1 per minute) for herbs, Spirit Spider (1 per 5 sec?) for red eggs, or Fruit bats for some fruit (idk times)
  13. Smelting steel is the best way since F2P has a low GP/Hour collection rate, and this is one of the better ways.
  14. Lol, ive only had a winning kill in a 1v1 against my friend. Have you tried the .44 Magnum? Its so awesome. With stopping power it takes 2 hits to the legs. And why do people think the crane is a glitch? :s
  15. RayOxide

    Pixel daters

    If 2 people like eachothers personalities im fine with it, but if its the more obvious things like in game money and some other stupid pointless [cabbage], it should stop.
  16. Isnt the fastest xp like, Steam runes or something stupidly pointless? I keep RC lowest by 2 levels and tears/ppoints it up, so Idk honestly, but I just had to say that^.
  17. A good tip is to enjoy it instead of doing it how everyone tells you to do it.
  18. I said that Sargas didnt need piety or chivalry, if he has melee void and a salve ammy.
  19. Urban on Scar. Digital on UMP(?) and Digital on Barret .50cal, so basically they're the only guns i use. Whats a better side arm? .44 Magnum, G18, or AA Shotgun? Im liking the Magnum, it reminds me of a rifle. My KS = UAV, that missile thing and the airstrike, so 3-5-6. Also, the throwing knife is really fun, but you can easily lose it if you dont track a miss, and tbh it shouldnt take a whole nade/claymore/c4 spot.
  20. :\? Dragon legs arent that rare and theyre like, 1m? But troac, for Armoured zombies, if the OP has melee void he can get similar xp with it praying against their attacks. Apparently anyway. Also dont rule out green dragons because they're "crowded". If you know how to tank range, and you have the minimum levels for it, Sargas, you could get more kills this way. Or you could just wear melee gear, equip a knife or dart and use that for the first hit, then switch to your favoured melee weapon.
  21. 80-99 with anyother method will earn more than 9m
  22. If you just want the level you should cannon ice trolls really. But if you value HP XP like I do, you'd just range. I suggest any kind of slayer task since most can be ranged, ONLY if you actually want slayer up. If not, fire giants are great.
  23. RayOxide

    Smash Club.

    Honestly dont care Gallade. if its such a popular game for skilled people make a thread.
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