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  1. Essentially, herblore does reflects your combat level. If you have a high herblore level, you are generally going to be a higher combat. If you have a low herblore level, chances are you are a lower combat. Sorry stopped reading there.
  2. Fair enough I guess. But no, quality isnt better than quality. You dont see games or movies getting rated by 1 person very well, you see them get rated by NUMEROUS people and companies, at a very average level.
  3. List of RS places to train; ---Range --$$: -Green Dragons -Green Dragons (tank) -Aviansies -Black Dragons -Blue Dragons -Aberrant Spectres -Spiritual Mages --XP: -Yaks -Experiments -Cannon -Chinchompas (Mummies, etc) -Ogres --XP+$$: -Cannon (Trolls, Aberrant Spectres) -Fire Giants -TzHaar -Slayer Depending on where you go certain armour is better. More info would be nice. Defence level? Have you got void? Do you have a cannon? Do you want to use a cannon or chins?
  4. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    Actually it's been selling well, and it even increased the sales of the PSP3000 because of it's launch. Haha. 8400. Is that true? :o So people will be so stupid to buy a PSP3000 for UMDs and a PSP GO! for other stuff..? Shame.. shame.
  5. NEVERMIND found my posts lol I couldnt find them D: --- you point are not suport by fact, you just say opnion and wat jegax said. Hmm, maybe you're right Oxide. >_> I lol'd. :thumbup: The difference, again, between rune armour and herblore is that defence AND the armour directly effects combat, and potions dont. Also, IF rune was somehow 100M, Herblore would cost like 10B. O and call me Ray. Nice to meet you ;p
  6. ^^ But noones going to go past the Xbox because its 'the best modern console of all time for gaming.'
  7. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    Idk about the PSP3000 or the others than the original but it does have 16gb internal memory. Thats 3-4 games on it without a memory stick.. Plus bluetooth. True it isnt as good as the others seem, it has more options.
  8. Naturally. Everyone has a PC but noone really thinks of it for gaming outside of WoW and the like =/
  9. He's not a bad guy, guys..
  10. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    It's more functional, all Sony needs to make is a UMD drive to upload a UMD to the computer :D
  11. Umm, I was putting in my opinion about which controllers were the best. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I was talking to Vale =.= And yeah I havent, why? Because I didnt like it :|
  12. Just because you seem kinda new and I rarely post here, I'm rayoxide. Nice to meet you. I honestly do not care, I do not believe in swearing and I believe if people dont want to be insulted they should toughen up or pay more attention. However, as much of a point you do bring up, you dont need to raise a skill to get runite armour. You have to raise your herblore skill to get these potions, though. Which is the reason I find this stupid. Raising your herblore skill to make an untradeable potion is very different to raising your cash pile to buy the potions themselves.
  13. Yea sorry for having a different opinion..? I mean if I personally find it more useable then I actually find it more useable. Telling me [cabbage] aint gonna do [cabbage] :/
  14. 16-40.. thats 24 years mate. And no, it really isnt a figure of speech.
  15. Veracs is good because its defensive and has a prayer bonus. Personally though I would just tank the bugger. But I dont know how it would work for your stats. I can say though, KBD isnt as easy as you would think without maxed melee stats. So dont underestimate him. He can sometimes fail hard, but sometimes own you hard.
  16. Either you didnt explain deep enough or the rope was attached to another thing; a car? a tree? a stump? a person? a pet dog? an elephant?
  17. Oh dear I am sorry if I offended you, by apparently pointlessly insulting someone who disregarded the whole point of my post and jumped to conclusions on what I meant. Please accept my apologies. And have some flowers. And here is a card for you to get better. As for the rest of your post, you're way off. Since everything else there is buyable it's fair game. Noone is going to buy 90 or so herblore for these. They should just be tradeable and somehow profitable.
  18. Honestly if that little people actually post there what is the use of posting there if I want criticism or praise? Little posts = pointless in reality. And yeah, using the argument for more would be posted if it had its own forum works in everything.
  19. I've grown up using PS controllers since I was 4, I have better reactions with them and I have never used an Xbox360 controller.. properly. As for using the PS3 controller, all you need is a USB->MiniUSB cord and to download a driver for it to work as a gamepad(?)
  20. Ah I can deal with that. Are rangers useful for PvM 'boss' hunting and the like? If so, are there actually that many rangers hanging around?
  21. Lol. Take a joke jeez. 40 year old gamers dont play runescape. Runescape is a bloody childrens stroller to them.
  22. Cant believe I didnt remember to go to that.. THATS how I did it last time. Brainfail. thanks
  23. I totally, 100% agree. I propose that all skills follow suit by being eliminated from all forms of PVP. I believe that cooking should be next, followed by slayer. No sharks, no whips, no extreme potions. Now we're getting somewhere. I SUPPORT YOU, JAGEX. <N_odie: Removed Idiocy> What I meant was, since these potions cant be bought, this is a totally different story in comparison to food, weapons acquired by slayer etc. Because they are untradeable, they shouldnt be in PvP because then a skill that relies on BUYING items and COMBAT skills would be demolished by skillers who decide to raise their combat to a pure standard and begin to rape the competition in the arse with a 14 foot pole.
  24. Summoning affects it if the person wants it to. Its a completely different story because it has a direct influence on combat.
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