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  1. Honestly it isnt. You have heaps of options to make your defence bonus higher, and you still get hit rather hard. Attack is more important.
  2. Or you can kill green dragons for profit. Grinding is stupid.
  3. Sell dlegs and granite body and buy rune body and legs, cheaper and really not much worse off. Also do Fremmenik Trials then Isles if you havent. Isles gives you a berserker or warrior helm which are better than dmed, and Isles gives you the best overall helmet ingame excluding slayer.
  4. [garden tool]-oh? Rofl fail. :blink:
  5. Problem is its boring. Not faster. Boring-er. So if someone tries to do it for ages they get bored.
  6. Actually Jay, I was comparing black-jacking to PP in that post. 1 hour of a boring, annoying method, or 1 hour and 15-30 minutes for the same xp for something much more bareable.
  7. Well that's half my point <_<
  8. The corp. beast is basicallu 90% unsoloable, you need good connection, good luck, a large set of cash and maxed levels.
  9. Controller is better than Keyboard for retro gaming but the keyboard is just better than controller for proper gaming.
  10. Yes it does. A normal human would get overly bored and stop doing it for a while, thus losing xp =/
  11. OIAY dont you try to tell him what to do. I tank more than you and im his defence level :shame: :P Lol i find it hard to believe that you tank more than Someone with 99 Def and 99 Ranged. Tankrange. Im de pro.
  12. OIAY dont you try to tell him what to do. I tank more than you and im his defence level :shame: :P
  13. If you can wait a month get MW2. If you cant, get fifa.
  14. But noone with a brain cares about what efficiency-lovers say anymore. It's not even efficiency, it's raw comparison. PP/Blackjacking = higher xp. You only said blackjacking. And that is the most boring pointless piece of crap idea in rs.
  15. But noone with a brain cares about what efficiency-lovers say anymore.
  16. Hi im the tanker here. Why not use a torag helm and veracs skirt (if you're one of the "PRAY BONUS MATTERS!@!@!@!" people) with black dhide body, barrow gloves, avas accumulator, fury, rune kite and dragon boots? I have 81 defence and this works out well.
  17. Yes and no. I played it for a while and found it very smart, funny and just generally fun. Its just awesome ;d.
  18. Thank you for your spam. This is a discussion about the effectiveness of gloves of silence. MMMMHMMMM. Anyway the whole thing is luck based, GoS just make it more likely to work out for you. Just note that you might not be lucky at the time, so, it wont work out. Same with RoW.
  19. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    PSP didnt do particularly well in the first place anyway. We'll just have to wait and see if this Go! works out. I can say one thing though- the name is terrible. Come on Sony?
  20. Runescape machinima sucks. Most machinima sucks. Only a few dont suck. Its not machinimas fault for WoW players being insecure about themselves and/or elitist.
  21. Was it me who popularised tanking around H&A lately? I think so.. Well done on getting the setup right Slay :thumbup:
  22. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    iPhones suck. This PSP does kinda suck. I think people are just buying it cause it looks flashy and is the new one.
  23. IDK if they fixed it but that didnt work about 4 weeks ago.. Again with the efficiency too. -.- Does anyone notice its extremely [bleep]ing boring? Anyway what level are you aiming for dillon?
  24. Not once did I say that. I just said that they are very like the idea I had, and they could fit in other forums. AND they dont really get much publicity. Its just a comparison =/
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