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  1. You have alot of options. It depends what you want in the long run. Xp? Money? Charms? Or a mix of 2/3? Dusties are good charms and XP, but pretty crappy cash. Green dragons are average charms and average xp, but great cash. Slayer is a good mix of all 3 IF you are bored easily.
  2. LOL I never even SAID you said anything about them. I was just saying. You may as well make some money on the side with 10k less xp an hour. WHICH IS AN EXAMPLE K?
  3. Hey Zaaps why did you say Crunch is Special and then say Elemental Punches are physical? Crunch is physical. IF this isnt the 4th gen then both are Special
  4. WHY Argh [bleep] off :( fine lol lock
  5. D: I dont go to movies often nor do I watch TV much, dont blame me :) And I searched and didnt find much >.>
  6. Basically this. Although, who the hell Woodcut's for cash? The money per hour even at the highest levels is terrible. Again what the hell are you on about? Are you going to cut Ivy for 10k more xp an hour when you can make just 10k less and a decent pile of cash at the same time at teaks? And test your luck with seeds..?
  7. RayOxide


    I was thinking when I went to the movies, the ad for this movie called 2012. So i looked it up and saw that there is a possible phenomenon that may happen in december of 2012. Which brings me here.. Shalt we discusseth thy Phenomenons? (2012)
  8. Dont forget less cash per hour. Adze is better at willows or eucs because you cut these for exp and profit, and a d hatchet is better at magics or yews because you cut these mainly for profit. I hope you accidently said you cut eucalyptus trees for xp.
  9. List of RS places to train; ---Range --$$: -Green Dragons -Green Dragons (tank) -Aviansies -Black Dragons -Blue Dragons -Aberrant Spectres -Spiritual Mages --XP: -Yaks -Experiments -Cannon -Chinchompas (Mummies, etc) -Ogres --XP+$$: -Cannon (Trolls, Aberrant Spectres) -Fire Giants -TzHaar -Slayer --- I like my list :D A rather decent combo is going to aviansies for an hour then using the raised money to chin the next. I think thats 100k xp p/h with little loss.
  10. I'm probably the biggest hypocrite EVER, but, You really spend too much time on TIF if you use your DSi to browse.. :P
  11. Dont forget less cash per hour.
  12. Dont rely on WiFi if people you know on forums, games and real life dont have the pokemon/dont play. People have rediculous offers like a level 1 squirtle for a level 90 groudon
  13. Wow, you know what, you're so right. Because StarCraft isnt luck based like runescape, it sets it apart from the pointless clicking. <_<
  14. RayOxide

    PSP Go!

    They're probably playing it safe. The original PSP when it came out had great graphics and costed alot more than the DS, the main opponent, and the PS3 was way overpriced in comparison to the Xbox which wasnt that much worse and just better off overall due to price. So making a PSP2 would need alot of..more expensive stuff lol. And with the PS3 falling behind I dont think the chance is a good idea in their view.
  15. y Rush you're a consoler arent you? :( OT: I like it, but some things are a little buggy. As for the slowness it's only slow for posting, since we cant type while waiting the restriction.. I do miss the easy quoting though.
  16. Comparable doesnt mean the same.
  17. How ironic. I dont see the slightest irony there. Speaking of proper gaming, don't you own a Wii? I also own a gaming PC. So if you want to try to be elitist by thinking you 'win' by having an Xbox, then I win for having a PC. Sorry.
  18. Stopping you there since WoW players can bash RuneScape for being a crappy game due to clicking for everything.
  19. I always thought it has.. always been 6-7gp/xp?
  20. I kinda meant Console retro. :S? I think Skully still thinks he is better than me cause I played CoD5 on the wii. hihi PC gamer win.
  21. LOL you wont train it because its useless. Thats stupid. While you wait for members stop playing the game. Play something else or socialise or something.
  22. How ironic. I dont see the slightest irony there.
  23. Since im logging off now I can just tell you theres a thread in this forum for the xp/gp made per hour with red chins.. search somehow lol
  24. A - Yea wild til about 70 then Ape atoll is far better. Ape atoll is better for someone who doesnt want to risk the revs. H - Yep, still crowded. Sorry.
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