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  1. Granite and dropping it a hundred thousand times? Beats me.
  2. I'm surprised people still think BCP is worth it. No. It's not worth anything so just sell that piece of crap item and get a decent one.
  3. What is the official world for finding penguins and is there any clan that can help to say where they are? :)
  4. Thanks alot! And I have done the mithril dragon task about 50 times more than needed (which is around 50 mithril dragon kills). Got abit tired afting sitting there hours on end trynig to get some bones. Alright, thanks alot.
  5. Ah thank god, where is the best way to get the mangled bones?
  6. So I'm currently doing the fremennik diary and I'm stuck on H5. Do I seriously need the chewed bones to complete this one? That would take some luck at the mithril dragons. :(
  7. Na, it's alright. I completed it using my brain slash halfway tip.it :D
  8. Yep, seems like a solid guide. Thanks alot! :)
  9. Hello, I am currently doing Elemental Workhop III(Three) and I'm stuck on Puzzle part #4. Is there any other website that has a complete setup for that since Tip.It's is completly wrong and is not working?
  10. If I want to get my own dragon bones, what the hell does it matter to you? Stupidity at it's peak.
  11. It's not like it matters? If you enjoy doing a 99, get it. If you don't enjoy then simply don't.
  12. Wow do I look stupid now. When I saw that someone metioned CRUSH I realised that metal dragons is the ones weak to stab. Makes alot more sense why it took forever to kill 5 with a LBS. :mrgreen:
  13. Which one is the best against waterfiends? I got a 170 task and can't afford and founds none that wants to lend me one so which is the best "other choice" so to speak?
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