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  1. now ¿would you stop asking the same thing over and over again, please?
  2. yea why don't you just post your password then, come on there's nothing dangerous about it, it's just pixels I turn all off, I'm not a newb
  3. being able to chop a tree 1 meter away from you without touching it
  4. How about you keep your curiosity to yourself and tell me which to choose betwen zmi no lunar or abyss deaths/blood then double nats, please. Thank you.
  5. apparently you're not paying attention: I don't have time to waste with those minor time wasting details of switching items all the time, because I multi-task a lot. That makes the whole difference in my case. It's not that much of exp difference, and afaik with deaths it does bring a lot more gp profit. Btw I'm not in a hurry at all to get 99, I can do it even in 10 years if that's how long it takes, as long as it's the most economic way (exp/gp and yes multi-tasking, for example making cballs is great for multi-tasking, it's a 3 minute continous wait, 15 seconds for changing items)
  6. Thanks for the replies However I don't need those newb items, with this eq for zmi: and this for abyss I have 990 hp all time, each time I use excalibur spec no problem even if I'm alone at zmi or got attacked by rev. oh and I'm never using prayer/pots or anything like that + I have always run, never have to rest and sorry but I seriously can't be bothered with such minor time wasting details like earth staff/excalibur changing, lunar teleports, no way some stupid minigame or whatever, I don't have the time to do all that especially considering I multi-task a lot so lunar/earth staff/minigame whatever is out of the question. So economic wise, exp/gp, ¿should I do deaths or zmi without lunar? and after deaths I'll obviously do blood then double nats till 99 P.S. ¿what karjama diary? I don't what you're talking about
  7. good idea, I'll go do deaths, thank you.
  8. I'm going to use ZMI altar until I can do double nats. This is how I do it, I need tips on how I can improve please: for teleport: ardougne teleport (would've used lunar but each 90 minutes I gotta harvest herbs) to go to ZMI equipment: level 3 ardougne cape (afaik level 4 doesn't help more than 3) (for additional runes) glory, that ~ -50 kg top/legs mind shield lightweight boots and the cabbage teleport ring (mainly for herb harvest). Excalibur because I take the short route, no need to use food or anything while using this great sword inventory: the 3 pouches for runes, using fire runes to use bank Well, mainly if I should use other runes than fire runes for banking Idiots, please restrain yourself from posting. Thank you
  9. Thanks for all the info, I was hoping for some other way that I didn't knew about and was better/popular but better luck next time. Also, you people should really start listening to this guy's advice and stop being so immature, he knows what he's talking about. Good bye (not gonna check this topic again).
  10. you know the old story, I want to trade my x item for more than the trade limit allows me, the street price for red mask is beyond 150m gp and I would like some advice besides [developmentally delayed]ed answers like "dun use bug abuse noob/dun cheet/just wait 35823 years till street price=exchange price/omg making junk is retraded" so idiots please keep off, if you can't say anything useful most popular method is obviously the junk method but I don't have any and I wouldn't know any method to get junk without wasting far too much time thank you
  11. llVIU

    Where's the filter?

    let me help you with that
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