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  1. Damn to anyone in Franklin reading this.....I guess at the end of the day, I truly do not care lol
  2. Damn gurl one of my bros is tellin me you's had an abortion too.....
  3. I put my XBL gamertag on these forums and all you had to do was google it to detective me. As of recently I have felt extremely paranoid it may be possible my whole community knows about the patsy posts I have made on here. I ain't mad tho............
  4. When younger I was a shy, introverted, virgin loser always playing Runescape. My real life was so eventless and boring I fell in love with a girl I went to school with based solely off of the life she presented on social media. I thought "Wow, a hot girl who vacations to cool places and does cool shit. I want one!!!" I don't stalk her around anymore (hehe) but it probably wasn't good for me to waste all that time/energy thinking about her
  5. The posts I made as a 15/16 year old on page 457/458 of this thread make me CRINGE hard looking back on it lmao. (I'm 21 now)
  6. Hey. I put my old username back. I came back to see what was up on Tip.It and was mindblown that the Off-Topic page has several threads I remember participating in years ago.
  7. Old join date here. All of the threads on the front page of "Off-Topic" look like they were here a decade ago. What's happenin'?
  8. How important do you guys think deadlifts and squats are? Do either one of them add mass/help in adding mass? I've been doing all upper body (chest, shoulders, arms, some upper back) and I've included bench press, but bench is the only power lift I regularly do. Because of cross country, I haven't done squats because I don't want to run with sore legs and a sore ass. I plan on starting adding some deadlifts this week. So we'll see how that goes. NOTE: After XC, I plan on doing squats in the winter)
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